These days, during summer, it has become very much necessary to use an air conditioner to cool the environment. However, in the market, you can find various options and hence it often becomes difficult to decide, which one to buy for your home.

Any good air conditioner will not only cool your room, but also purify the air and control humidity of your room during the wet season. If you are living in Tucson then you can get your AC installed by Evans Cool Solutions after buying it from the best AC companies in Tucson.

Now the question is how will you choose the appropriate air conditioner for your home? The following are few things that you need to decide while you are going to buy an air conditioner for your home.

What type of air conditioner do you prefer?

Generally, you have 2 choices either go for a window air conditioner or a split air conditioner. Both can keep your room cool during summer, and however, you must know the pros and cons of both options to make your decision.



  • Cheaper
  • Can easily be installed


  • Little noisy
  • Needs a strong wall to support
  • Quite heavy



  • Less noise
  • Presentable appearance
  • Can even be installed on the wall


  • Risk of leaking of coolant
  • Expensive

What should be the capacity to choose?

While choosing the capacity or tonnage of the air conditioner, you have to consider the room size where it will be installed. The bigger the room the capacity will also be higher.

You may take the help of any HVAC professional who can suggest to you the right capacity of your air conditioner that can efficiently cool the room.

What is the efficiency rating?

These days, all air conditioners are rated with a certain number of stars that denote their efficiency rating. Higher the number of a star, your air conditioner will tend to consume lesser energy as it will offer more efficient cooling.

The cost of the air conditioner will also increase with more stars.

Will you prefer inverter technology?

These days, inverter technology has been introduced to power the compressor unit that will be more dynamic in the sense here the compressor power can be controlled more precisely so that you can achieve better temperature control.

Traditional air conditioners usually do it in a manner where compressors will either be ON or OFF, as a result, the temperature control cannot be efficiently managed.

What kind of filter do you prefer?

The last thing that you need to decide is how much purification of air is needed for your home. Also, how easy it is to clean or replace the filter if needed. Usually, air conditioners used for homes do not need a very advanced filter.

However, if you need AC for a certain process where there is a stringent requirement of dust then you need to use a super-fine filter.

Having answered all these questions, you can now decide the right model for your air conditioner.

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