Summer is the most favorite season of many.  Warm weather,  more sunlight, and longer hours means that most people will spend a lot more time outside.  Nobody wants to have to think about home maintenance when they’re already working on their yard and garden.  Here are some ways to get your yard ready for summer in the months leading up to it, so that you can enjoy it without a break.


Check Your Air Conditioning Unit


Summers are getting hotter every year, so if you’re stuck finding out in the hottest season that your air conditioner isn’t working, you may get stuck in an uncomfortable situation.  Before the weather heats back up, take a couple of minutes to make sure your machine will run well.


Check the filter, make sure that it’s clean, or new (the screen needs to be changed out every two years).  If you’re not sure how to, there are thousands of tutorials online that can help walk you through your specific unit and many places to get the best home supplies.  After you check the filter, turn the unit on and ensure it can push out fresh air still.


If it’s not functioning, call a professional!  By calling before summer, you’ll get to skip long wait times and higher pricing.


Clean Driveway and Walkways


Renting a pressure washer ranges from forty to ninety dollars a day.  In just a day, you can wash down your sidewalks and driveway so that they look freshly laid down.  If your home itself needs it, you can also pressure wash off any pollen or other debris that your house has picked up in spring and winter.


If your driveway looks deeply cracked, and you can afford the steep cost, consider relaying it before summer comes back so you can get the most use out of it.


Deep Clean Windows and Screens


Let the sunlight in!  Clean your windows and screens, and get rid of any webs or pollen that they’ve gathered.  Hose them down, and then Windex and wipe the glass down with a microfiber cloth.  Be cautious not to crack or break any windows; take your time when cleaning.


Clean Your Gutters


If you didn’t have a chance to clean your gutters after fall, now is the time to do it.  Don’t lose hours you could spend enjoying warmer weather up on a ladder.  When looking for Orlando houses for sale, consider looking for a home that has gutter covers already installed.   If you loathe cleaning your gutters and can afford it, consider buying gutter covers.  They’ll save you the time and energy of having to climb up year after year.


Get Summer Tools Ready


Although it’d be great if you didn’t have to do chores in summer, lawns have to get mowed, and weeds have to get whacked.  Ensure anything that needs gasoline to run gets filled, and if your maintenance tools run on electricity, make sure they’re charged and running.


Your home can be your pride and joy!  Be sure to put the work into it that will make you proud to spend the summer enjoying your yard and driveway.


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