Staying on top of the laundry can sometimes seem like a never-ending task. As soon as you have one load, the next one always seems to have already piled up and before you know it, you’re snowed under again. If you are constantly battling to keep up with the laundry, it might be time to organise your space better. With an optimised laundry area, you can find what you need when you need it, allowing you to work more efficiently and manage the laundry duties with a little more confidence. 

Nowadays, many homeowners are including a Euro laundry space in their home designs. These slick setups hide your washing machine behind doors so that it blends into your home’s overall interior design. In most cases, behind the doors are a series of shelves and other storage spaces where you can keep your detergent, softener, dryer sheets and everything else you’ll need to keep your clothes, bedding, and towels looking and feeling their very best. If you have both a washer and dryer, these can be stacked one on top of the other in your Euro laundry space to keep your laundry set-up nice and streamlined. 

While a Euro laundry space is a great solution for inner city living in particular, you’ll need to ensure you set it up correctly and manage it well  in order to maximise the benefits. 

Let’s take a look at a few tips to help you organise your Euro laundry space so it is optimised for efficiency.

Keep Your Workflow In Mind

Everyone has their own unique approach to doing their laundry. Some households have just one or two hampers to keep their loads largely general, and some households have individual baskets for each garment type. 

Whatever your process is, be sure to keep it in mind when you are organising your laundry space. Make sure that you keep the things that you use regularly easily accessible so that you can find them quickly. Keeping your workflow in mind when you are organising your space will allow you to work much more efficiently moving forward, especially if your Euro laundry is particularly on the smaller side.

Take A Streamlined Approach

To optimise your Euro laundry space even further, be sure to take a streamlined approach to your organisational efforts too. Grouping similar items together can make it much easier to find what you need. Even if you may need some items more than others, chances are that you’ll still need to find some of your less commonly used items on the worst of days, and you’ll want to ensure that you won’t waste any time frustratedly looking for those items. 

As well as being a place for cleaning your clothes, your Euro laundry space can also serve as a place to store what you need to repair and care for your clothes. Items like sewing kits, shoe polish, and clothing storage solutions can be stored neatly here. 

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Install A Laundry Space Drying Bar

Adding a rail to your Euro laundry space is relatively straightforward for any novice DIY enthusiast. But what are the benefits of this handy, little fixture? Laundry rails can double up as effortless drying bars, giving you somewhere to hang shirts, blouses and other delicate clothing items to dry after they have been through the wash. You can also use the rail to keep clothing out when you need to, instead of draping them over the back of chairs throughout your home. 

Print Out A Stain Cleaning Chart

When there’s a spill, often the faster you take action, the better chance you have of getting that stain out without any lasting damage to the garment or furniture item. This is precisely why a stain cleaning chart could be yet another fantastic addition to your Euro laundry space. Having this information located right next to where your stain removal products are stored will ensure you have every chance of getting to work on those troublesome stains quickly.  

Search for a stain cleaning chart that you can print out and stick to the interior door of your home’s Euro laundry space. You may even decide to laminate it to ensure that it’s impervious to any moisture that may arise during your washing or drying processes.

Add A Sliding Shelf Between Units

If you are stacking your washer on top of your dryer, or vice versa, in your Euro laundry space, consider adding a sliding shelf between the units when you are having it built. A simple sliding shelf can be of more use than you might think, giving you somewhere to rest the detergent or softener as you are loading the machine, a ledge to put your clothes basket on or you can even use the shelf to repair clothes and fold them when they come out of the dryer. This simple little hack can help to make your Euro laundry space much more functional

Use The Right Storage Solutions

The key to any well-organised laundry space is utilising the right storage solutions. Nowadays, there are a range of different solutions that you can choose from, with options available to fit just about any space. Look for inspiration online or browse your local stores to see what options are available that will help you to maintain order in your Euro Laundry space. 

Taking the time to organise your Euro laundry space will help you to move through your workflow with greater ease than ever before. It might take a little effort but with a little thought, creativity and by following some of the tips outlined above, you can be sure that your Euro laundry space is optimised to run like a well-oiled machine.

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