If you are a garden lover and like to maintain a full-grown garden, then this thread is surely going to add value to you. There are times when we do not realize but our garden tools tend to get all messed up. Now is the perfect time to clean it up if your garden tool storage has gone out of control. In this post, you can find out some of the ways to keep your garden tools organized. Be it the arrangement of the different sized tools or learning about storing the odd-shaped items, including power equipment and pots, you will find almost everything here. Here are some tips on how you can keep your garden tools organized:

Metal Garden Shed

Having a garden shed can be a life saver when it comes to your storage needs. Even a small metal shed can hold an enormous number of tools and garden supplies. Garden sheds are easy to install and there are plenty of tips and YouTube videos that can help guide you with the installation process.

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Storing Long-Handled Garden Tools

One of the worst things to manage is the long-handled garden tools, including rakes and shovels. You can choose any option depending on your space. A small standing rack would be ideal for the shed or garage, provided you have the floor space. You can opt for the one which fits in a corner if you have something huge.

Organizing Garden Hand Tools

Hand tools are challenging to keep nicely organized but not their long-handled counterparts. You can choose to use your hand tools or other small items hung over the wall. It is fantastic as you can fit them there just perfectly.

Storage Bins

You can consider buying some heavy-duty storage bins if you wish to store something on a shelf. Put them all in transparent storage bins or use tape to mark what is stored in each box.

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Hanging Pegboard

You also can use a standard pegboard to place your garden tools on your preferred wall and organize them. You can also use an entire kit or buy different types of pegs to store small items and accessories.

Store Bags of Soil And Fertilizer

You can now use half a bag of fertilizer and potting soil without worrying about how to store them. Instead of keeping open bags, you can use some buckets to keep them tidy. These fit better on your shelf and are also stackable. You can also prevent bug issues by using buckets with tight-fitting lids and keep all the bugs away. They are also relatively easy to use as they don’t make any mess. You can also get your hands on metal storage sheds. These are stronger sheds to keep up all the extra stuff.

Organize Some Garden Pots

The empty pots and planter’s waste space and it is always good to stack them to clear the clutter. First, when it comes to storing the extra pots, you need to stack them as neatly as possible and nest smaller-sized ones into the larger pots, so the stacks remain short. You can also put them on the shelf. You can consider organizing them in crates as it is easy to see what is inside and they sit on the shelf perfectly. Additionally, you can put small pots and drip trays in the boxes without stressing about them crashing on the ground when you shift things.

Keep Garden Gloves Handy

Garden gloves tend to disappear like your socks which leave with many odd pairs. When you organize them, you can easily keep track of them.

Garden tools are extremely important and it is important to store them well. Staying organized today can make for a better tomorrow.

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