As of 2022, you can expect to pay an average of over $350,000 for a home in the United States. As time goes on, the price of real estate will continue to increase.

One of the greatest attributes of owning a home is that you have full control over how you modify it. However, this also means you are responsible for dealing with any structural issues that arise.

A pitted garage floor is a problem that many homeowners encounter. However, not everybody understands how to deal with garage floor pits.

Let’s take a look at some of the factors you need to consider when handling this issue.

What Causes This Problem?

Concrete garage floor pits are usually caused by freezing temperatures and salt. Snow and ice can seep beneath the concrete and freeze in the winter, causing it to crack as it expands.

This is further compounded when melted snow drains down into these cracks and crystallizes due to exposure to road salt. One of the most common causes of garage floor pits is the use of de-icers, such as calcium chloride, which can be highly corrosive and damage your concrete.

How Can I Prevent It in the Future?

The best way to prevent garage floor pits from occurring in the future is to invest in a high-quality epoxy coating.

This will help seal the floor, reducing the amount of moisture that can get beneath it and freeze. You should also use an ice melter designed for concrete surfaces rather than rock salt or regular table salt, as these can cause further damage.

Finally, it’s essential to make sure that the floor is properly sealed and that any cracks or holes get filled in, as this can help reduce damage from the elements.

What Should You Do?

The first step is to remove any dirt and debris that has built up in the pits.

This will help you get a better idea of how deep the problem goes. After that, you should fill the pits with the appropriate patching material.

Some concrete repair products are available for this purpose, but you can also opt for something simpler like sand and cement. Make sure to properly mix and apply the patching material according to the manufacturer’s instructions. If you have an especially deep pit, you may need professional assistance.

You can hire a concrete contractor who can assess the problem and provide you with a proper solution. They may recommend installing a new floor slab that is better insulated to prevent the problem from occurring again.

You can seal the patched area with a concrete sealer or epoxy coating for added protection. This will help ensure that your garage floor is protected from further damage caused by weather and chemicals.

What Should I Look For in a Professional?

Not all contractors are created equal. So, it’s essential that you research the professional you intend to hire. To get started, perform a quick Google search to look into their past reputation.

The only way to know what you can expect this by seeing what others have had to say. The more you research, the more likely you are to make the best decision. Working with someone that has notable experience in the industry is also crucial.

This will help ensure that they are able to meet all of your needs. Taking a look at their past work can help provide the answers you need. Make sure you avoid companies that have not previously worked with people like you.

Without this consideration, you run the risk of encountering issues in the future. Never make a decision before looking at their billing structure.

You can then be sure to avoid unexpected costs later on. How easy is it for you to communicate with them?

The right professional for you will be easy to talk to and easy to get in touch with. You can check out this page to learn more about a reputable installation service.

Is a Pitted Garage Floor a Safety Hazard?

Garage floor pits can become a safety hazard, especially if they are very deep. Deep pitting can cause people to trip and fall while walking on the surface, as well as making it more difficult to operate vehicles safely in the garage.

They can also be a source of water damage if not addressed properly. It is important to handle any issues with your garage floor promptly in order to avoid any potential hazards.

Contract painter painting garage floor to speed up selling of home

Will They Lower the Value of My Home?

Garage floor pits can affect the value of your home if you don’t take action to fix them.

Buyers may be hesitant to purchase a home with a damaged garage floor, as it may give them concerns about how well other aspects of the home have been maintained. Potential buyers might also worry about how much money they would have to spend in order to repair the floor or even worse replace it entirely.

Dealing With a Pitted Garage Floor Is Easier Than It Seems

By following these steps, you can successfully repair your pitted garage floor and keep them from becoming a bigger problem in the future. Taking the time to manage this issue will save you from having to replace your entire garage floor down the line.

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