As 2020 begins to approach us, it’s time to take a moment and think seriously about the state of our homes, and our bad habits of procrastinating with cleaning them. A sparkling, dazzling home that is welcome and inviting to all is what everyone desires, but finding the time and motivation to really get down ‘n dirty cleaning up is hard to come by.


The ZeroG Vacuum has the potential to change the game for you, and you’re about to find out why that is!


Cutting Edge, Patented Technology


To try and explain all of the mechanics that went into the ZeroG Vacuum to make it a Premium Vacuum Cleaner would take all day, but there are a few amazing key features to highlight on. The overall efficiency of the ZeroG Vacuum is all thanks to the innovative, advanced technology used to push the standard for home gadgets.


Just a couple of examples when it comes to the inner working parts of the ZeroG Vacuum include:


  • Airflow Slider
  • Dual Motors
  • Boosted Edge Cleaning Mechanism
  • Automatic Height Adjustment
  • Protective Automatic Shut Down Sensors for Jams
  • Treaded Wheels & Triple Bearing Brushroll


Your ZeroG Vacuum is already fitted to withstand any surface, dirt, debris, or cleaning project your home needs, and it can do it better and quicker than a cheap, standard vacuum. Many of the additional features on the ZeroG Vacuum are for your convenience, but guts and bones of the gadget is what creates a deep, thorough clean each time you power up.

Longlife Motors and Parts


Thanks to the high-quality materials used in the design of the ZeroG Vacuum, this gadget is built to last. Stainless steel is used for the high-pressure parts, while impact-resistant plastic is utilized for the rest, and copper is used for the motors.


Each of the parts within were strategically placed to ensure a long lasting lifetime as a key cleaning agent in your home.

Embedded Silver Vacuum Bags


In order to truly keep your home cleaner than when you started, the ZeroG Vacuum uses unique, very special vacuum bags. With the same concept that is applied to medical-grade surgical masks, the ZeroG Vacuum bags are embedded with silver ions to entrap, and keep within, all sorts of tiny particles and germs that could cause harm, including serious diseases like E Coli.


Plus, they are so easy to remove, and extremely durable. The LED indicator light directly on the gadget lets you know when it’s time for a change, and the process takes about two minutes total.

Game-Changing Benefits


Did you think that was all that the ZeroG Vacuum had to offer? Think again!

Insanely Weightless Design


The biggest thing that this gadget has going for it is the incredible, and a bit surprising, weightless creation. With all those patented parts and technologies, you’d expect a bulky stand-up device, but the ZeroG Vacuum is small, compact, and easy to carry with you. It’s exactly as advertised – essentially weightless, it almost floats!

Quiet, Peaceful Experience


Cooler motor temperature and run settings help prevent burns and damage to the inside of the vacuum, but it also keeps the noise levels down. With the ZeroG Vacuum, you can even get the job done during naptime to really make a long day extra productive!

Incredible Customizable Accessories


Different jobs may require different things, so the ZeroG Vacuum has plenty of additional pieces to buy, or even just various ways to use the vacuum itself. The enforced elbow and detachable parts, various switches to control the brushrolls, and other capabilities make it a multi-fuction gadget that can tackle any problem area in your home.



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