Mold infestation is among the top disasters that strikes fear in commercial undertakings. Mold can cause significant business interruptions, and the health hazard, if left unattended, could cause more damage, including affecting the structural integrity of a property. However, it doesn’t mean that all is ruined if you experience mold infestation; if you act fast and effectively, you can remediate the situation and get back to business. Enlisting commercial mold cleaning professionals can turn the situation around, facilitating faster and efficient removal, ensuring that you don’t experience extended downtimes that can prove costly.

Mold is the simplest and among the earliest forms of life around for thousands of years and can grow anywhere. Mold thrives in wet, damp, and humid environments. This means that the easiest way to deal with the menace is to ensure that your property is free from the continuous supply of water. While there are multiple kinds of molds, the most common are;

  • Penicillium – The mold can be credited for penicillin invention. It is among the easiest to spot, characterized by yellowish/greenish looks. If inhaled in large amounts, it is toxic.
  • Aspergillus – This is the most toxic mold type if inhaled, and it typically grows and spreads indoors, a common commercial problem as it can cause significant interruption.
  • Alternaria – While the type typically grows outdoors, it easily gets into commercial properties through mediums such as wind. The mold produces mycotoxins, affecting the respiratory system if inhaled, a common asthma attack trigger. It is also known to cause hay fever. The mold also affects the skin and nails if you come into contact.
  • Stachybotrys – This is every commercial undertaking primary mold nightmare. Also known as the black mold, it poses health threats and is known to cause significant structural integrity concerns, not to mention its weird odor. It is toxic, producing trichothecene mycotoxins such as atranones and satratoxins.
  • Cladosporium – Most species under this type aren’t dangerous to humans. However, they can cause asthma in some individuals or allergic reactions.

What’s next after the infestation?

You’ve spotted mold in your property; what’s the next step? Panic is usually the feeling that kicks in, but that can be a destructive force. This could trigger you to start scrubbing, with no plan whatsoever, as you only concentrate on riding the property of the signs. Handling the problem as fast as possible is advised, but you should be calm to ensure that you eliminate the root source and avoid mold reoccurrence. As you act quickly, keep in mind that scrubbing disturbs the mold, meaning that you can worsen the situation as more spores are released into the air, posing significant health risks. Follow the following steps to mitigate further mold infestation in your commercial property.

Assess the situation

What’s causing the mold problem, and how big of an infestation do you have on your hands?  Figuring out how far the mold has spread helps you determine the next course of action. Following EPA recommendation, if the infestation is within a limited area, below ten square feet, you can go the DIY-way. However, if it is beyond that, it is a considerable problem that should be addressed by experienced commercial mold cleaning professionals. Don’t forget to check if the spread has touched the HVAC system; if it has, ensure that you don’t run it as it’ll cause further spread that could extend to the whole building. Suppose the mold problem is a result of contaminated water such as floods or sewage. In that case, regardless of how small it is, it is recommendable to enlist professionals with the right tools and experience to conduct thorough clean up. This is noting that it is double the risk, requiring effective containment and cleaning strategies of the hazardous nature.

Thorough disinfection

If you’ve established that the spread is limited, prepare to handle the situation by wearing protective gear. Gloves, masks, respirators, and protective eye goggles should be worn to avoid exposure. Remove the affected materials, properly dispose of the unsalvageable ones, and clean up the water in that area. Ensure that you don’t disturb the mold to avoid inadvertent spores spread and that the area is well ventilated as you take out the affected materials. Engaging commercial mold cleaning is a lot more practical; the pros have the right tools, skills, and experience to handle the situation without risking further spread.

Mold’s survival rates are higher, and while disinfecting the affected area, even a spot that skips your efforts could cause reoccurrence within a short period. The pros know how to spot the root source, thoroughly clean and eradicate the problem, and ensure no cross-contamination occurs. As you endeavor to clean the mold quickly, you can easily forget to set up a containment area, a considerable pitfall that could worsen the situation. As you scrub, the disturbance causes the pores to become airborne, and without proper containment, spread to other parts of the property. As such, it is advisable to enlist commercial mold cleaning professionals for fast and efficient removal and mitigate chances of re-growth and spread in other parts.

Test to ensure the mold is eradicated

It is easy to assume that the mold is gone after scrubbing the surface and riding the property of the signs. However, before resuming operations, it is advisable to observe the area and run some tests to ensure that the mold has been eradicated. If you put things back or begin reconstruction before ensuring that there are no traces of mold in the area, you’ll deal with the same problem within no time, a costly and inconvenient concern. The pros have the right tools to monitor the area and run relevant tests, ensuring that your commercial property is thoroughly cleaned, leaving no traces of mold.

While dealing with a mold problem, enlisting commercial mold cleaning professionals can’t be stressed enough. However, not every service can handle your situation. As you hit the market, establishing the mold problem’s magnitude is essential; it informs you of considerations that a service must fulfill to be a suitable solution for the situation. For instance, if you are dealing with an extensive infestation, you’ll need a service that has been in the industry long enough to navigate the process comfortably. They must also possess the right tools, such as industrial-strength fans and dehumidifiers, effective detection equipment, and relevant training to manage the mold disinfection and cleaning effectively.

Handling the mold cleaning could also necessitate the use of industrial-strength chemicals such as antimicrobial and disinfectants. See to it that the service has handled mold infestation problems requiring such measures, ensuring that they can efficiently deal with the problem and leave your property with good air quality, such as by deploying HEPA air exchangers and scrubbers to ensure chemical particles and moldy air is replaced with fresh air.

Mold infestation can affect your commercial undertaking in various ways, necessitating immediate and efficient handling. From employees, customers, suppliers, among others that interact with your commercial property, keeping the mold at bay can’t be stressed enough as it affects various groups. Enlisting reliable and reputable commercial mold cleaning service at first sight of mold in your property should be prioritized. This is noting that what might seem like an insignificant concern can quickly spread to the extent of affecting the entire property.

Disasters can take a toll on your commercial undertaking, stressing the need to implement strategic measures to facilitate continuity. Knowing the common concerns that could lead to a disaster, steps to take to ensure that it is dealt with before developing into considerable problems, and how to get your business back on track are some of the considerable elements that can facilitate smooth progress. With the above information, you’ll be well prepared for mold, one of the significant disasters that can cause significant commercial interruptions.

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