Your well-being is a combination of both mental and physical health. But the daily stress at work often hampers your mental health that can lead to depression or anxiety attacks. However, greenhouse gardening can deal with this problem effectively. Experts say it can have a positive impact on your mental health as it diverts your mind from work to something that you care for. Once you start to enjoy greenhouse gardening, you can also learn more about commercial light deprivation greenhouses.


Mental health and greenhouse gardening

Leading a life surrounded by smartphones and electronic gadgets may not contribute to a healthy mind. Instead, if you can set up a small wooden greenhouse in your yard, it can take your mind off of the technological world and bring you closer to nature where there are more solace and satisfaction.


Focusing on the plants helps you unwind

Plants in a greenhouse require special care, unlike the other plants that usually grow in your garden. You need to make sure the greenhouse is free from pests, receives adequate air and light, and that the plants follow a regular growing cycle (see Grekkon greenhouses for great examples). You can find a Greenhouse that will meet all of these criteria by reading the Greenhouse guide at All these things can keep your mind away from work or whatever reason that may bring stress in your life. It brings out the creative you; something that you may not always explore due to your daily routine.


Working with greenhouse plants releases happy hormones

Studies show that spending time inside a greenhouse garden stimulates the production of happy hormones. Dopamine and serotonin are hormones that make you feel better and happier. They counter the effects of the stress hormone called cortisol. Once you go inside your greenhouse, your mind immediately switches to the necessities of the plants that you have cared for so long. You automatically try to come up with ideas that can improve their growth. Since they grow in an enclosed environment, gardeners need to take extra precaution to keep the plants safe.


Gardening increases your sense of responsibility

The plants inside a greenhouse are like your babies. They become your responsibility once the seeds germinate. In regular gardening, you may skip watering the plants when it rains frequently, but you can’t do that with greenhouse plants. They need regular watering and maintenance. This sense of responsibility helps you release aggression and anger that you may feel while working in the office. This exhibits during activities like pulling weeds and cutting stems. The time you spend inside the greenhouse frees your mind from all the reasons that may cause anger or depression.

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It teaches you to live in the present

You often grumble thinking of the future and how it is going to be. But greenhouse gardening teaches you to live life in the present; it reminds you that the present moment is just as important as what the future holds. This proves to be powerful, as you can see with your own eyes how your actions right now can influence what your future will look like.

Embracing greenhouse gardening can be a powerful way to improve your overall well-being, giving you a vehicle through which you can release your anger, depression, and anxiety. If you have been tending to your garden and are still experiencing mental health issues like depression, stress, and anger, speaking with a licensed therapist (like those at BetterHelp) can help bring you relief.



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