The botanical wallpapers are pretty common in a lot of environments, answering the evergrowing demand of urban citizens for “Nature.” Plant wallpapers provide positive energy in the morning and soothe the eyes and nerves after long and stressful days, and aesthetic plant wallpapers are therefore a popular choice for bedrooms. Floral wallpapers specifically are versatile finishing materials used for a wide variety of premises.

Flower wallpapers bring warmth and comfort to the interior and are available in thousands of variations: simplified – and photographically accurate, with large and small flowers. For any bedroom interior, like here, you can choose your style, which will contribute to a good mood in the morning and positive emotions when going to bed. Let’s review nine ideas on how flower wallpapers can be used in creating the bedroom of your dreams.

Large flowers – just like in a real garden

It is commonly believed that a large pattern on the wallpaper can only be used in large rooms. Meanwhile, small bedrooms, decorated with large flowers, look just as original and fresh. However, take notice – if your choice falls on such wallpapers, it is recommended to only have one wall decorated with them.

Boho – bright, catchy, and thought-provoking

Boho – an abbreviation from “BOhemian HOmeless” – is a multi-layered, eclectic, textured style that is going through its renaissance. Boho is drawing from bohemian and hippie influences and is the exact opposite of the puppet, unnatural and anorexic image of girls in the fashion industry.

Wallpapers with bright images in sensual colors are very common in a boho-style interior. Floral prints enliven the space and create these distinctive products that are characteristic of the style, while fresh flowers complete the charming rooms. Boho is sexy, feminine, and harmonious, after all – and the room will be such as well.

Modern interior – minimalism in every detail

In modern interiors, floral wallpaper is used only as an accent. They are passed over only an insert on the wall or one part of it. Alternatively, you can also use plain wallpaper with an embossed pattern – the bedroom will then acquire the features of noble, restrained minimalism.

One-color wallpaper with an embossed pattern – always imposing and fresh

Embossed flowers or silk-screen wallpaper will give the bedroom an imposing look and always look different depending on the lighting intensity. One-color samples can be supplemented with plain furniture and a bright accessory – for example, a bedspread with large colored flowers.

Shabby chic – flowers in all their splendor

In the 80s of the last century, the shabby chic style appeared relatively recently but quickly gained popularity. Delicate and romantic, with a hidden color scheme, exquisite sophistication, and attention to detail, shabby chic especially appealed to sensual natures, romantics, and dreamers. If you consider yourself one of them, these interiors will undoubtedly inspire you.

In a bedroom decorated in Shabby chic style, flowers should be not only on the wallpaper but also on other objects and accessories. Shabby chic is generally hard to imagine without cheerful floral wallpapers. However, it must be remembered that the femininity – and the corresponding atmosphere – will prevail in such a bedroom.

Flowers wallpaper – as a symbol of the English style

English-style interior design is a common name for the various trends in design and architecture that have developed in England from the Middle Ages to the present. The English style can attract with its elegant restraint, classic luxury, high-quality materials, the presence of many decorative elements in the absence of flashy accents. It is an example of elegance and good taste in its finished form. But to recreate it in its entirety, a significant investment is required.

The English style in the interior is hard to imagine without floral wallpaper. English blossom wallpapers usually get pasted over all four walls. Such a print in the decoration often complements fresh, natural flowers, while wildflowers of delicate shades are used as the primary ornament choice.

Classic – a moderation without excesses

The modern classic interior combines generally accepted canons and is distinguished by rigor, elegance, and functionality. The traditional style in the interior is ideal for those who are not accustomed to racing with capricious and changeable fashion and prefer the constancy and timeless charm of refined classics. Moreover, this style of interior design is considered by many to be the most beautiful and comfortable. Still, most importantly, it is always relevant and utterly unaffected by ever-changing fashion influences.

In a classic interior, blossom wallpapers are also commonly used. But while in the English style, all the vertical surfaces are getting pasted with the flower wallpapers, in the classical style, the designer should be more restrained and decorate only one wall with them. So, for example, a lone pale blue wallpaper on one surface with delicate flowers will go along well with other walls being colored in monotone blue.

Luxury gold floral, winter wallpaper. Banner with small and lush flowers. Watercolor blue spots on a white background and splashes. Shiny flowers and twigs. Vector file.

Provence – large roses on a pale background

Provence is a provincial French style related to light, southern styles. It reflects the age-old traditions of French country houses and the imperishable beauty of the Cote d’Azur. Provence, or “French Country”, is very popular among people who seek to bring a touch of rustic charm to their interiors while maintaining the elegance of a French home.

A Provence-style bedroom will be decorated with wallpaper with wildflowers on a pale background. The shade of flowers can be repeated in 1-2 more accessories located in the bedroom, for example, in the design of pillows or bedspreads. White simple furniture will emphasize the unpretentious charm of this room.

Be moderate in the decor of the flower bedroom

Designers advise not to be too zealous in creating a bedroom with flowers, buds, birds, butterflies, and other typical women’s room attributes. There is an excellent possibility that any man put in such a room will feel uncomfortable. Therefore, as with everything in life, you should be moderate while decorating your dream flower bedroom. Try combining your aesthetic plant wallpaper with simple furniture to keep your room tasteful and cozy.

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