Outstanding interior lighting design requires bringing together task, ambient, and accent lighting. Men and women often turn to wall-mounted lights as part of their overall scheme, as these fixtures allow for flexibility in the design. Whether a person plans to renovate a single room in the home or will be remodeling the entire residence, sconce lighting needs to be considered.

What is a Scone Light?

Wall sconces or sconce lights are light fixtures that rely on a wall for support. These fixtures lack a base but provide the elegance and simplicity many individuals are looking for when it comes to items for their home. Furthermore, they don’t take up valuable floor space while providing the illumination needed in a room. In many cases, the fixture remains directed upward to provide illumination, but some homeowners choose to have it point down to light stairs or a pathway. What are the benefits of wall-mounted lights every person should be aware of?

Decorative Fixtures

Men and women, when they shop for new light fixtures, find they have a wide range of products to choose from. Some fixtures exist to fulfill a certain function, while others are merely for decorative purposes. For instance, a person might turn to decorative wall lighting to add to the ambiance of a drawing room in the home and pair the fixtures with antique furniture for an elegant look. Nevertheless, this isn’t the only option available today.

Certain individuals prefer a modern look for their home, and light manufacturers offer products designed to help them achieve this look. There are scones appropriate for homes with a country theme and those that prefer a more casual atmosphere. Shoppers might find they want one style for the living room in their home and another completely different style for the master bath. When you need wall mounted lights, consider all available options to find those that best meet your requirements. As more manufacturers make these lights today, finding the right fixture for any area of your home has never been easier.


In addition to design choices, shoppers find they have countless other options to choose from. For instance, a person might have a theme for the room they are decorating. This isn’t an issue, as they will find wall lights that fit that theme. Other men and women might have a color in mind and look for scones in that particular shade or one that is complimentary. Some sconces come with wood paneling, while others consist of a metal fixture with light. Determine which type of lighting you desire for the area in question and move forward with the purchasing process.

Individuals desiring general ambient lighting should select fixtures with semi-transparent frosted glass. For those who desire dramatic mood lighting, opaque features serve as the better option. If you have any questions as to which fixture will offer the desired effect, ask the lighting experts. They happily provide information about how to create the desired effect in a given space.

Minimally Intrusive

Men and women might find they want to add more lighting to a room in their home. However, they remain hesitant to move forward with a purchase because they worry about light fixtures occupying a large part of the available floor space. While floor lamps help provide task and ambient lighting, a person might need to rearrange furniture to bring these light fixtures into the home. Table lamps minimize usable space on end tables and can cause a glare on the TV. Wall lighting, in contrast, takes up no floor space. When installed approximately 5-1/2 to 6 feet off the floor, the light fixtures provide the desired illumination without taking up floor or table space.

Energy Efficient

People often complain about how much they spend on energy for their homes. They look at major appliances as major culprits in high energy bills. However, many individuals don’t realize how much of their energy bill covers lighting in the home. In fact, lighting in a residence accounts for approximately nine percent of a person’s energy bill. Wall-mounted lights help to bring this figure down.

When a person installs wall sconces, they provide additional light without needing to add a second fixture to the room. For example, many rooms feature a ceiling fan that lights up a majority of the room. However, corners may remain dark. The sconces illuminate the dark corners while providing indirect light. This means the homeowner uses less energy. The wall lights may also be used to highlight a particular feature in a room without installing spotlights or track lighting for this purpose.


One reason men and women fall in love with wall-mounted lights is the versatility of these fixtures. They can be used in any room in the home thanks to their small footprint. With so many styles, colors, and designs to select from, there’s a sconce for every space. In the past, people often installed wall lights in formal rooms, such as a dining room reserved for use with guests. That’s no longer the case.

In fact, many modern homes feature scones in every room. The homeowner might choose to install a dimmer for use with the lights, as doing so allows them to choose the level of illumination at any given time. It’s best to speak with a lighting expert to determine which fixtures work for different scenarios. For instance, scones that will be used to highlight a fireplace provide a dramatic effect. In contrast, scones along a staircase fulfill a purpose in that they are used to light a person’s way at night as they navigate the steps. As they serve different purposes, different wall-mounted lights will probably be needed.

If you are struggling to find the right lighting fixtures for your home, help is available. Individuals working at a lighting retailer love to share their knowledge with others and help customers find the right lights for their projects. When speaking with these individuals, share pictures of items you love. This provides them with a starting point when it comes to helping you find the perfect lights. With their knowledge and your input, the perfect lights will be yours in very little time.

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