Many factors play an important while selecting a perfect rug. Among these factors, the type of material also matters a lot. The material of the rug speaks a lot about its quality and durability. Every type of material has its advantages and disadvantages. Hence it becomes really important for you to select the most appropriate material.

There are different kinds of fibers used in making rugs. In this article, we have come up with 5 such materials used in making rugs.

Material Used in Making Rugs

Cotton Rugs

Most of the rugs you will see in the market are made out of the cotton fiber. Cotton is easy to dye, and durable. Most of the cotton rugs are usually flat weaved. They are softer in comparison to Jute or other kinds of rugs.

The best part about cotton rugs is that they are cost-effective, easy to wash, and are available in an uncountable number of colors and designs. They can be used in the living room to give it a casual look.

Silk Rugs

Silk Rugs have an extremely soft texture. They are easy to dye and are very comfy. But because of their ultra-soft texture, they are not much durable. This is the reason; these rugs are produced with a combination of wool fibers to give it extra strength.

Jute or Sisal Rugs

Both Jute and Sisal are very tough materials. The rugs made out of them are durable and last for a longer period. Artisans get a much wider approach of using different ideas using Jute fiber which is not possible in the case of other fibers. Jute Rugs are not just strong but are also very appealing. They can be used to hang on walls.

However, Jute is comparatively hard in texture. Hence, one should not expect a smooth and soft surface from these rugs.

Nylon Rugs

As compared to the above-mentioned rugs, Nylon is a synthetic fiber and is not naturally grown. However, using Nylon fiber allows rugs manufacturers to produce threads of an uncountable number of colors. Nylon Rugs are easy to clean and are dust resistant.

Apart from having a smooth appearance, the rugs are very strong and durable. They can easily withstand heavy foot traffic.

Polyester Rugs

Polyester is another kind of synthetic fiber that is not produced naturally. Just like Nylon Rugs, Rugs made out of Polyester are also very strong, tough, and durable. However, the major concern with Polyester Rugs is that they are not oil-resistant. A few drops of oil could leave permanent stain marks on the rug.

These were some of the materials used in producing rugs. There are many materials but we tried to explain to you the most common ones. If you are planning to buy a rug, plan the type of material that will be best for you.

Choosing a wrong Rug would end up making me feel sorry for many years. Rugs are not that cheap. Most of them are costly. Hence, investing in a rug required patience and some knowledge about the rugs.


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