Homeowners in cooler climates spend about 150 hours per year caring for their lawns, while those who live in warmer climates spend an average of 208 hours per year attending to their lawns. The bulk of these hours are spent during the spring, when getting the outside of your home prepped for summer is a top priority. With the summer months quickly approaching, it is important to begin creating a checklist of the outdoor tasks such as tree removal St. Louis that need to be completed at your home. Whether you’ve started your list already or not, explore three of the top items to complete before the weather gets too hot.

Deep cleaning of your home’s exterior

After the winter and early spring months, the outside of most homes looks a bit rough. Mold, dirt, and pollen often build up on decks, patios, lawn furniture, and siding. Therefore, one of your top home prep tasks should be deep cleaning the exterior of your house. Buy or rent a power washer to eliminate all of the built-up dirt from the past few seasons. In addition to this task, inspect the rest of your outdoor space to see what else needs to be part of your deep cleaning. For example, leaves and debris can cover your roof and gutters. If this is the case, it is extremely important to clear out your home’s gutters to prevent indoor and outdoor water damage. Also, getting special cleaning supplies for your windows and doors is a great way to make your house look like new.

Adding mulch, plants, and flowers

One of the most challenging tasks to complete when the weather is warm is landscaping. Adding mulch, plants, and flowers requires a significant amount of time and effort. Therefore, during the last few cooler days of spring, make plans to finish all landscaping work. Before heading out to your local home improvement store to pick up rectangular planters and other supplies, create a plan for how you would like the landscaping around your yard to look. Decide what mulch color would look best, or if you prefer to use a mulch alternative (e.g. pebbles). After making this decision, you can start to coordinate your plants and flowers for the year. When you’ve chosen these elements, do a bit of research to see what equipment is needed to properly maintain your landscaping throughout the summer and fall.

Lawn maintenance

Finally, getting your lawn in good shape prior to the summer months is a great way to reduce stress and effort. In addition to mowing your lawn, and trimming the edges of the lawn, consult with a local landscaping or lawn professional to see what treatments you should apply. Weed control and fertilizer are often needed to keep lawns healthy. However, depending on your climate, soil, and the type of grass, your needs will be unique.  If you do not want to handle this aspect of your lawn maintenance, there are many companies that can send experts to your home to complete a lawn and soil analysis. Once they have completed this analysis, the company is usually responsible for applying all necessary lawn treatments.

To prevent having to do outdoor work during the hottest months of the year, now is the time to get your lawn and outdoor space in top shape.


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