You might have been washing your clothes for many years already. So you are confident that you know how to do your laundry. However, you can still experience slip-ups that can cause damage to the fit, fabrics, and others. As such, here are of the common laundry mistakes that you may not be aware of.  This includes,

Sorting your Laundry from Dark and Light

If you sort your dirty clothes, the fresher it will become. First, you must sort the muddy and dirty clothes from lightly soiled clothes. Second, sort the abrasive or heavy fabrics from the delicate clothes and toss it at kenmore 41302. For denim, make sure that you turn it inside out and wash it on cold water. To prevent fading, see to it that you switch the washing machine to gentle cycle and dry it on a low temperature only.

In addition, dry each sheet separately instead of doing all at once. This tip will prevent the bed sheets from twisting. While doing this, you can include smaller items such as underwear in the load. This tip will help avoid the twisting of the sheets since they have a different tumble pattern.

Don’t Pour the Detergent Straight on the Clothes

There are recommended ways on how to load the washing machine. To distribute the detergent and have cleaner clothes, you can place the laundry in the machine first. Then, add water and put the soap on last. But if you are using bleach, you can add the water first. Thereafter, add the clothes, and lastly the bleach.

Be Gentle with the Dryer

If you can air dry your wet clothes, then do it. This can help you save the utility bill since you will not be using the dryer. This is also a good way to be gentle with the delicate items. It can help the stretchy clothes like yoga pants to keep their shape.

Meanwhile, if you are doing a tumble-dry; see to it that you don’t overload the dryer. Don’t try to over dry the fabrics too. To prevent wrinkles on the clothes, make sure that you hang or fold them immediately.

Don’t Put Socks Together with the Clothes

Are you tired of losing your socks every time that you do your laundry? You can try putting your socks first and add your clothes at kenmore 41302. With this, they will less likely to be attached to other clothes. This is also the reason why they often go missing.

Zip the Zippers and Unbutton Shirts

If the zippers are loose, it can damage your delicate clothes. Moreover, it can even scratch the walls of your washer. As such, make sure that you zip it before putting it in the machine.

On the same note, make sure that you unclipped your bras since it can also damage the clothes. You can buy lingerie bras. You can try putting your bras in a pillowcase as an effective solution.

Meanwhile, make sure that you unbutton your shirts. If you wash it with buttons down, it can rip it.

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