The COVID-19 pandemic surprised almost everyone in the world and affected many different sectors. The accommodation business experienced great confusion, because accommodation services were allowed, then banned again and then they had to follow a large number of different restrictions and rules, which were not very pleasant for the guests of the accommodation facilities.

In any case, the pandemic is in decline and tourism is slowly but surely recovering. As the borders of most countries in the world have been opened and, in most cases, recreational travel has been unbanned, it can be expected that there will be a large influx of tourists and thus a large influx of accommodation service providers as part of the gradual dismantling of anti-pandemic measures.

In addition, the Covid-19 pandemic has caused a huge, up to 96% increase in people working from home. The home office has grown at a tremendous pace, and it seems that most companies will continue to use this system in their companies. 

Thanks to the home-office, people do not have to go to work physically, but they can work from virtually anywhere. That’s why people decided to travel more, and discover new cities and a new way of life. 

The so-called nomadic working style was able to take effect very quickly in our company and it seems that it suits people and companies very well. This is why people have begun to look for housing options that will enable them to travel, discover new destinations, and work where they live comfortably and with the highest possible efficiency.

Thanks to this, Coliving is also experiencing a large increase in reservations. Nomads are choosing Coliving for many reasons, and it seems that this trend will continue to rise. Shared living with like-minded people has many benefits, even in this post-COVID period.

Living in hotels or via Airbnb offers a certain social distance, but there are still many reasons why people are increasingly choosing Coliving.

The main factor is the price

Hotels and Airbnb are extremely overpriced in New York and many times do not offer the quality they promise their guests. Therefore, if the company in which you work does not help with the payment, then these possibilities could benefit you financially. Housing allowance is not provided by many companies, especially if it is a home-office. Companies would go against each other and this is one of the main reasons why people choose Coliving. But that is not all.


People in the home-office are many times grounded at home for days. Because they work from home, they don’t have to go anywhere. However, this lifestyle is quite solitary. The longer a person works at home and is alone, the more he misses society. 

Coliving completely removes this barrier. This is because you share common spaces with other people, you are never completely alone, and in addition, Coliving companies offer apartments with a large space, so you’re able to work in different corners of the apartment or house. 

Coliving companies know that a large percentage of their customers work at home offices, so they adapt their properties to meet this need. In any case, with this type of housing, you can have fun with people who also work in the house, because you have a lot in common. Hotels or Airbnb will never give you this. The community is very important and above all, stimulating.

Working environment

This is very important for anyone who works on a home-office basis. Coliving companies, as we mentioned above, modify their properties accordingly and thus provide an amazing working environment for the home office. 

There are plenty of work desks, high-speed Wi-Fi and various other gadgets that will make your work easier. You usually won’t find a quality work environment in hotels or Airbnb, so the use of these two options makes no sense at all if you have to work from home.


This is one of the great benefits. As part of Coliving, you can only stay for a short time and then go back to another Coliving without unnecessary delays, deposits or fines. Coliving is very flexible and it opens up your possibilities when traveling and discovering new places.


As we said in the community section, making new friends with a similar mindset is a huge advantage. In the course of Coliving, long-term friendships are formed, and sometimes even lifelong ones.

After the covid-19 pandemic, the number of people making use of the home office will increase, and so the demand for Coliving will continue to increase. In larger cities such as New York, this is quite a common practice and other cities are joining fast. 

People are beginning to realize that the time when they had to be in the office every morning and all day is slowly disappearing, and this opens up an opportunity they never dreamed of. 

Social distancing was good at the time of the pandemic, but now that it is in decline, people are concentrating more on setting up differently. And not just people. This is also understood by companies that allow home-offices for their employees. 

If you are lucky, the employer will also contribute to your housing, but it is still only at the level of pious desire. Click here to learn about short term corporate housing in New York City and see for yourself that this lifestyle could become one of those you will fall in love with.

However, Covid-19 did not only bring the phenomenon of changing work habits. People had to spend more time together in person and they couldn’t just bounce somewhere or go for a walk, go to the cinema and so on. 

Most people had to be at home and spend their time with their loved ones, which caused a large number of couples to break up. Research has shown that many people lost their jobs at this time, so they had to look for cheaper accommodation. All this has contributed to an even greater demand for Coliving. This trend is likely to intensify. 

The pandemic has simply changed society and their main habits. Many people have realized what they really want in life, and the fact that people have been denied travel has made them want to travel. This is also one of the main reasons why Coliving companies are experiencing an increase in bookings again.

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