Robot vacuums are tiny in comparison to a normal vacuum. Nevertheless, they are powerful, battery chargeable cleaners that offer a hands-free cleaning experience.

These innovative smart gadgets are designed to pick up and sweep off the dust, dirt, lint, sand, crumbs, and pet hair from your flooring and carpets. After about an hour or so, it’ll beep to notify you that it’s done with the chore.

Therefore, you can relax and enjoy your Sunday morning coffee while your robot gobbles up all sorts of filth from surfaces around your home. Now, that’s enough reason to get yourself the best robotic vacuum around. Click here to find the best robot vacuum

But like most homeowners, you’re probably wondering can a robovac actually replace your regular vacuum?

When contemplating whether a robot vacuum can replace your regular vacuum, it’s essential to make an informed decision by consulting user and expert vacuum cleaner reviews to understand their capabilities and limitations.

What Can A Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Do?

A robot vacuum or robovac is a handy machine that takes out plenty of hassles that come with vacuuming. There’s no denying that the autonomous cleaner changed the way we clean our homes. In fact, you can even program it to clean even when you’re at work or while attending to other important matters. If you also have a pet at home, you will be needing a strong vacuum like the Deebot Pet Vacuum Cleaner in order to easily and thoroughly remove pet hair from every corner of your house.

The smart device can do what a normal vacuum can. That means it can get rid of filth and particles from tiles, carpets, and hardwood floors. On top of that, it can also clean under your bed, sofa, corners, and other hard to reach spots that a normal vacuum may miss.

However, a robotic vacuum does not have the same suction power as your regular vac. In fact, it can’t even reach areas with cobwebs. What’s more, it’s not friendly with stairs as it can tumble down on them.

To give you a little idea of how the suction power of a robovac compares to an upright vac here’s a cleaning experiment worth checking out.


How Do Robot Vacuums Operate?

Although it may look simple, a typical robot vacuum has a rather complex design. Inside the tiny body of the robot are a microprocessor, several motors, and a battery. The motors drive its wheels, provide the suction, and spin the brush or brush roll of the unit. It is powered by the rechargeable battery.

Furthermore, there are plenty of sensors connected to the microprocessor and informing the robot’s software about the surrounding environment. That means that it will be able to dodge hazards or obstacles along the way, such as furniture, stairs, people, and even your pets.

Also, some models can even create a map of your house, allowing you to control and track your unit via an app on your smartphone. On the other hand, some robot vacuums have a remote that comes with the package. You can even find robots compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for voice command control. However, basic models may only feature on-board controls.


Benefits Of Owning A Robot Vacuum

  • You can program when you want your robot to clean. It’s quite nice to schedule your vacuum to operate on a specific time in a day or on select days. This will ensure that your floors are clean every time without the need for you to be even present.
  • Vacuums on tight and hard to reach areas. Vacuuming using your good old vac takes a lot of hard work. You have to go around large pieces of furniture like your bed and sofa. Plus, that extra arm workout is no fun at all. On the other hand, your robotic vacuum will go under the furniture and get the job done with ease to make sure dust bunnies will not accumulate.
  • Spot cleaning option. A lot of robovacs today have a mode that enables the unit to take care of messes and spills in a specific area. So instead of washing your entire home, your robot will only focus on that particular area.
  • It can double up as a mop. Mopping is another chore that we all dread. Thankfully, you can find some robot vacuum models that have the ability to mop.


Where Does A Robovac Perform The Best?

A robot vacuum cleaner works very well on wood, linoleum, tile, and other hard floorings, as well as low-pile carpets. Your robot will be able to move around with ease on these surfaces while sucking up debris efficiently.

However, you won’t be able to send your unit in your living room full of clutter or playroom with toys strewn across the floor and expect it to be spotless. Robotic vacuums operate more efficiently in rooms free of clutter.

Moreover, the wheels of your robot may likely get tangled in threads and wires lying around, which may cause it to malfunction. You also need to watch out for large debris and pieces of paper that can clog its suction inlet easily. Meanwhile, your device may get stuck in place when it encounters curtains and sheets.

When compared to a traditional vacuum, a robot cleaner is much better at tackling dirt under your furniture because of its low profile. Nonetheless, some canister and stick vacuums come with a very low profile head as well.

Hence, this feature gives them a bit of an edge over a robovac when it comes to reaching dust bunnies under your sofa and bed. Here’s a brief comparison video to learn more.


Who Should Get A Robotic Vacuum?

The smart device will make anyone’s life better. Nevertheless, some homeowners will benefit from it more than others. These robots are designed for those who live a busy life or who are not home most of the time. So if you work long hours and you always see yourself with no time to clean your space, getting a robot vacuum can save you a lot of precious time.

With that in mind, here are some reasons why you may want to consider investing in a robot vac:

  • You have pets in your home. It’s not easy to clean up pet hair and dander. So outsourcing the task to an automatic cleaner is a good idea to make your life easier. Simply set your unit up to regularly clean on intervals, and you’ll always come home to a home free from pet hair.
  • Keeping up with the mess your kids make is driving you crazy. If you have kids spreading crumbs and grim all over the floor constantly, you can rely on your robovac to take care of it for you. Therefore, you’ll have more time in your hands to prepare a delicious dinner for the entire family.
  • Your home only has one level. Robot vacuum cleaners are perfect on homes with no stairs. One of the major benefits of owning a bot is that it can do all the chores without you. However, what it can’t do is go up and down the stairs.
  • Great for touchups. Robotic vacuum cleaners are a good choice if you keep a neat home but want something to do touchups between your daily or weekly cleanup routine.
  • People with mobility problems. You’ll appreciate the convenience that a robovac offers if you have mobility issues. It can relieve you of all the pain and difficulties that usually come with pushing and moving around a heavy and bulky upright vac. Likewise, stooping over just to get rid of dust under your sofa will be a thing of the past. It’s also an excellent alternative if you’re not as strong and active as you used to be.


So Can A Robot Vacuum Replace A Normal Vacuum?

Robot vacuum cleaners are innovative, convenient, and efficient cleaning machines but their technology is not yet perfect. Nevertheless, they’ll be able to provide you with a performance that will not disappoint you. Likewise, they’ll save plenty of time and physical effort, but they won’t be able to clean areas where your canister, handheld, or upright can. Still, a robotic vacuum is one of the most useful maintenance cleaning appliances you can invest in.

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