We all want our homes to look unique and attractive and constantly renovated. Decks are an important part of your home; if you do it right, you will be able to make it the most comfortable and aesthetic part of your home. Decks are great if you want to spend some time outdoors, soak in some sunlight, and breathe in the fresh air. Here we will provide you with different deck designs that are popular right now.

Simple patio deck design

Nothing beats simplicity. A simple patio design is perfect if you want a minimalistic look for your deck. This design consists of a wooden patio which you can decorate and design with the furniture of your own choice. Simple patio designs are great if you don’t want to clutter your space and make it look larger than it already is. A common mistake people make is placing way too much furniture in their patios, resulting in their patio looking small. However, there are other designs if you don’t prefer simple and minimalistic patios and want something more detailed. You can find such designs from websites like deck shoppe.

Covered patio deck

If you spend a long time relaxing on your deck, then you might want to invest in a covered patio design. This design gives your home a cozy look and makes it look more traditional styled. If you are fond of sitting outside and watching the rain, then this deck will allow you to do just that. Covered patios are great to block the sunshine so that you can nap or relax without direct sunlight hitting on your face. Covered patios are cleaner as they avoid bird poop and other stuff falling on your patio and making it dirty. Covered patios are great if you live in a rainy area with rainstorms and rains a lot.

Roof deck

A roof deck is just what its name suggests. It’s a compact deck built on your roof. This deck design adds great vanity to your home and makes it look luxurious. If you want to get some fresh air without having to see anyone or have a nice one, then roof decks are what you need. Roof decks are great as they overlook the area around your house without you having to be exposed to any threats. If you have toddlers crawling around, we suggest you build your deck on the roof instead of the ground floor, as a toddler can walk right off when you are not looking. They also provide great aesthetic value to your place and make it look well furnished.

Deck with screened porch

A deck with a screened porch is great if you want to look outside right from the comfort of your home. It’s a deck with screened glass walls that allow you to look outside. The deck is built like a room and has walls around it, making it a part of your home. People have started investing in a deck with screened porches ever since the pandemic started. This is great as it helps you keep in touch with nature and the outside without having to put yourself in danger of actually going outside. The windows paired with comfortable furniture make the perfect peaceful vibe you need. Many people place their yoga equipment in their screened porch as it provides them the required privacy to meditate without feeling exposed as they would have on a simple patio deck.


Decks are a great addition to our homes and make the best place to sit around and relax. It is scientifically proven that spending some time outdoors positively impacts our moods and results in much more stable mental health. Hence, we have given you different deck designs that you can cherish for the rest of your life.

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