Whether you’re moving to or out of Santa Cruz, it’s imperative to ensure that you’re well prepared. After all, moving into a new house is both exciting and hectic. You need to pack up your stuff, transport and arrange them in your new house. 

Fortunately, you can save yourself the headache of moving by hiring professional movers. Moving companies santa cruz will do most of the work, and the process will be done within no time when using apps like https://threemovers.com/california/santa-cruz/.

Although the movers will handle almost everything during the moving process, you need to prepare before the big day. Professional movers are capable, but they will love it if you are prepared for them. In this article, we shall enlighten you on how to prepare for the movers.

1. Make a List of Every Item You Are Moving

To make sure that all your items are there and in good condition, you have to make a list of everything you are moving. Indicate the brand, the condition, and the number of the items. It’s advisable to have photos of the items with sentimental value as proof of the condition in case of damage or loss.

2. Be Aware Of What Can Be Moved and What Can’t

Professional movers can’t move just anything. Most of the companies have a list of things they do not move regarding safety and security. Professional movers are likely not to move home-based chemicals and paints. They may not move cash, medication, or pets for liability reasons. If your list has such items, plan on how to transport them yourself.

3. Have a Packing Plan

Who is responsible for the packing? Is it you or the movers? If you are responsible, use a lot of bubble wrap, magazines, or brackets to protect your stuff from breaking. You should have enough boxes and remember to label them according to the content and which rooms they belong to.

Upon packing all the stuff, sort the boxes in regards to their weight. Avoid pilling them on the doorway for easier moving around. Be careful when parking because if something breaks, the movers may not be held responsible for it.

4. Have a Babysitter for Toddlers

Crawling toddlers and moving furniture altogether is unthinkable. It is hard to keep an eye on both movers and the babies at the same time. If you are moving and you have a small baby, it’s advisable to have someone watch them while you are busy with the task. 

It can be a professional babysitter, a family member, or a friend. This will help prevent any incident of tripping over a baby and remain in the baby’s plan for feeding and sleeping.

5. Plan for Pets

The movers will use the front door throughout the moving process meaning it will remain open. This will create a way out for your loose pets. During such a process, the last thing you want is for your precious pet to go missing. How can you avoid such a nightmare?

Ensure you have your pet locked in a room or use a crate to confine them. If you feel as if this will traumatize them, get someone to watch over them during the moving process.

 6. Have a Parking Plan

Preserve a parking area for the movers beforehand. On this day, the movers will likely call you to ask where to park their truck. If you do not have your own driveway, you should have a special parking permit for the truck on a street parking lot.

7. Have an Insurance

Protect your stuff financially by having them insured. An accident may happen along the way. Whether you opt to use the movers’ insurance or not, be sure to have insurance. Two insurance types are offered by moving companies: Insurance by a pound or comprehensive insurance.

Although a comprehensive one is more expensive, it covers all damages and losses encountered during the moving. On the other hand, insurance by the pound is much cheaper but can only cover a small amount of the damage caused during the process.

8. Have a Tipping Cash

After a successful and excellent move, the best way for gratitude is by tipping the movers. Tipping varies from person to person. Experts advise tipping the mover 5% of the total cost for a flat fee. A flat fee of $20 each for a short move or between $30 and $40 each in a long move will work.

For a long-distance driver, you can tip them between $50 -$100, depending on how satisfied you are with their services.

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