A dream home is a timeless manifestation of your idea of living. Despite changing decor trends and interior design, there are certain elements of a home that never go out of style. It is these nuances you ought to incorporate in your decor and furniture to create a truly timeless dream home. It could include elegant wallpaper, a fireplace or a tasteful white TV unit that always in trend.  In this article, we shall discuss such evergreen furnishing ideas for your living room. We are spilling the secrets on furnishing ideas that stand the test of time and have a constant feature in every interior design magazine worth its name!

Accent Chair

Accent chairs have been ruling the roost on decor trends for quite a while and there’s no surprise why! Nothing breaks the monotony of standard seating than a refreshing accent chair. Whether it’s the classic wingback, a cosy club chair or an easy slipper chair, accent chairs never go out of style. There are a host of design options in accent chairs that you can choose from based on your taste and desire for comfort. The good news with accent chairs is that you can swing just any way with design, fabric texture or colour and trust it to work for you, provided it complements the hues and style bracket of the rest of your living room.  If you’re ever bored with your choice, it hardly costs anything to have your accent chair’s frame reupholstered.

If you’re looking to add an extra dimension to your living room at a nominal cost, without having to change anything around, an accent chair is an ideal choice. It does well on the longevity front too, because this furnishing trend is here to stay!

Chesterfield Sofa

The classic chesterfield sofa has made its appearance in the English bars back in the 60s and your trendy neighbourhood cafe with equal fanfare. There’s something about that buttoned design with the high armrests and comfortable incline that never fails to lose its charm over the years. This signature styled sofa has managed to find a spot on every yearly interior design forecast over the last few decades.  While you can go all out and experiment with different colours on the good old chesterfield, brown and tan is an evergreen option that is forever pleasing to the eye. Chesterfield sofas turn out best in leather or faux leather finish,  although velvet and linen Upholstered sofas are also finding many takers.

A chesterfield sofa couldn’t be a safer option if you’re looking for an elegant and timeless furniture piece for your living room. Throw on some square or rectangular cushions in different colours and you have an absolute keeper of a sofa to adorn your living room with!

Built-In Bookshelves 

Flaunt your collection of books on a designed bookshelf in your living room. While you’re busy sorting your prized possessions by author or genre, know that you’re setting up a rather timeless living room furniture, much like your books.

Bookshelves have been around for as long as we know, and just like reading hasn’t gone out of style, having a bookshelf in your living room is also something that’s been on trend forever! Whether it’s a shelf that runs all the way up to your ceiling, or a couple of wall-mounted shelves, having a bookshelf means earmarking a section of your living room to the cause for life! There’s no saying what’s the right way to set up a bookshelf. Go simple and horizontal, or criss-cross geometric – either way it’s going to be a timeless nook in your home. If you can place a set of easy lounge chairs and a small table by the side of your bookshelf, you’ve made yourself a cosy little reading spot that the best interior design minds of the world will approve of! Go all out with a bookshelf in your living room,  because it’s never going out of style!

Minimalistic TV Unit

Just like watching TV never goes out of trend, so will a TV cabinet in your living room always be a timeless piece of furniture. The idea is to choose one that is truly timeless not just in functionality but also in design.

In modern times, a humble TV unit has now fashioned itself into an entertainment unit that houses not just your television, but also your gaming console, smart devices, laptop and even a compact workstation should the need arise. Despite housing all this, a minimalistic TV Unit is what you should aim for. Opaque shutters, fuss-free design and a neutral colour tone are key to creating a timeless entertainment unit.

Maison Dining Chairs

Speak of comfort, elegance and simplicity while choosing a dining set, and it’s the humble Maison design that comes to mind. These no-fuss chairs are a favourite at restaurants, cafes and homes for their sturdy build, easy incline and ergonomic design. These graceful Maison design chairs fit most interior requirements whether casual or formal. What’s more, its simple structure also makes it possible to create a toddler-friendly high chair using the same design features and style, without it sticking out like a sore thumb.

The key is to choose the right fabric for these Upholstered chairs to create the ideal decor vibe. Linen, jute or velvet finishes are easy to catch stains and hence aren’t the ideal choice for the dining area. If you’re looking to blend the evergreen Maison dining set into your home, go with a fabric that can be easily wiped down such as faux leather.

Despite its many improvisations and uplifts such as dream piping or dual-toned upholstery, the Maison design is still a favourite with homeowners in search of a dining set that’s not only pleasing to the eye but also functional.

Marble Countertops 

This furnishing trend adds a touch of class and sophistication to your home. By placing Marble at eye level where it’s likely to grab most eyeballs, it does well in adding to the luxurious appeal of a home. Marble countertops are the best investments even from a durability perspective because there’s little that can break down a marble surface. It’s also low on maintenance as it doesn’t catch stains easily. All it takes to clean a marble surface is to wipe it down with a damp cloth. It is no wonder then, that marble countertops for dining tables or coffee tables are in constant feature in most elite interior decor designs.

Incorporate a marble surface in your living room as an elegant and durable option as a Countertop. It’s one timeless addition to your home that will blend right into any decor theme!

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