Initially, the idea of spending more time at home seems great. Cocooning is awesome, right?

But after a few months of living life with the same handful of rooms, it can get monotonous. After a year of social distancing, reducing outings, and staying put, it may feel like the walls are closing in. Instead of moving to a new place or going completely stir-crazy, consider adding touches of luxury to your home.

Boost the mood of your dwelling with a simple refresh. Adding small luxuries to your routine and surroundings can infuse a restorative feel to your previously stale space. Consider the core spaces in your home where you live, work, and play. Assess the areas that cause you the most stress and focus on improving those first. Then check out these five ideas and elevate your home to the luxurious space you deserve.

1. Transform Your Bedroom Into a Restorative Sanctuary

The bedroom is where you start and end your day. Take a cue from high-end hoteliers and infuse luxury into your sleep haven. Think back to your most recent hotel or resort stay. What feelings did your room invoke? What details do you recall leaving a lasting impression? Consider adding those items to your own home instead of waiting until your next vacation to experience them.

Add light-blocking curtains to encourage deep sleep. Update your bedding with silk pillowcases, new sheets, and a comforter that produces your ideal sleeping temperature. Layer your lighting with overhead, accent, and bedside fixtures to enhance the mood. Consider adding a sound machine to drown out outdoor or mechanical sounds that could disrupt your sleep. Thoughtful details can bring your resting space together.

2. Add Texture and Depth With Textiles

Review any home decor magazine, and you’ll soon realize the large role layered texture plays in its pages. Even a monochromatic room will feature texture throughout the space. The result is a calming, elevated luxury that is within reach when you apply this principle in your own rooms.  Invoke the mood you’re going for with the addition of texture that suits your style preferences.

Use rugs to define your space, even over wall-to-wall carpet. Drape textured throws across sofas, chairs, and bedding to add interest and comfort. Install curtains with interesting fibers like raw silk or linen as opposed to printed patterns. Select textured, fluffy pillows that compliment your space and style. Each layered addition adds depth, which is pleasing to both the eyes and the body as you enjoy your space.

3. Transport Yourself Through Scent

Recall the last time you walked through the lobby of a boutique hotel or resort. Close your eyes and breathe in. That scent can transport you to your latest vacation memory. Bring the magic of a luxury resort home to you through essential oils, carefully dispersed throughout your space.

Tuck small oil diffusers behind decor pieces in your core living areas and select curated scents with layers of aromas. Add fresh, cleansing scents to your kitchen space, vibrant fragrances to your living room, and calming scents for sleep.

While the scents they release are pleasing and can even diffuse household odors, essential oils have even more to offer. Such oils are also recognized for their health benefits, which include boosting your mood and decreasing stress.

4. Create Vignettes in Forgotten Spaces

Do you feel as though you’ve worn out your core living spaces? Look around your home to see whether you have a forgotten corner or two. An unused bay window could be reimagined as a coffee or tea nook. Add a small table, an electric tea kettle, and your beverage essentials. A cozy chair, throw, and high-end teas and coffees will round out a calming, luxurious retreat.

Take the opportunity to restore order in your outdoor space. If you currently look outside only to see an underutilized patio or deck, rethink how you can use it. Add a chaise longue and small side table, and surround it with potted plants and foliage. Create a place for a relaxing moment to escape from the everyday. Enjoy a break from the indoors, sip your coffee, or enjoy a book or magazine instead of a screen.

5. Elevate Your Evening Routine

At the end of the day, it’s easy to just wash your face, brush your teeth, and collapse into bed. But don’t miss the opportunity to create a calming, indulgent experience that can cap off your night just right. Take a cue from luxury spas and create a routine that is skin soothing and relaxing. Review your current routine and consider how you could enhance it instead of just creating a longer to-do list.

A jade roller can de-puff skin and encourage lymphatic drainage. Amp up your skincare routine to include toner, serum, and a sleeping mask for a dewy and fresh complexion. Add a lip scrub to combat dry skin and encourage a plump texture.

While this routine is great for your skin, it is also great for your mind. The added steps and time will give you time to decompress before lying down to rest.

Adding Thoughtful Luxury to Your Everyday

Enhancing your space with luxury doesn’t have to be expensive. Intentional, high-impact purchases like textiles and aromas can elevate found and repurposed pieces. Assess what you have and see how you can reconfigure forgotten decor items into something new. Check out vintage shops for unique finds and be open to family members’ suggestions. Your great-aunt may just have a chaise longue that would be perfect for your bedroom.

Take the time to improve your space instead of just living in a stale environment. After all, your home is supposed to be your haven from the outside world. Create a space that you can be proud of and retreat to after a busy day. You’re prioritizing both your mental and physical health when you work to create a restorative space. Once your home is a place that supports your well-being as well as your basic needs, you can thrive.

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