Accumulating junk is inevitable in your home. Over a couple of years, you’ll gain more equipment, books, and other household materials. While some of these can be useful, most of these become junk within a short few years.

Living with junk will become a norm if you are not conscious about clearing out junk every couple of years. Find four easy ways to help you get rid of extra junk in your house.

1.   Sort And Control The Junk

The first way you can get rid of junk in your home is to declutter and sort out the junk. You can sort out old toys, appliances, and other gadgets using the popular sorting system of “Toss/Trash or Give/Donate.” Items that go into the trash are broken electronics and appliances, expired food, broken jewelry, expired and old makeup, etc. Items for donation can be old toys that are not broken, undersized clothes, children’s books, and other old items that are not spoilt or broken but are no longer useful to you.

Paper junk accumulates very quickly because many people are worried about tossing important papers and documents and end up accumulating so much paper junk. To get rid of paper junk, it is best to create a sorting system of “Trash, File, Donate.” Trash any old receipts that are not useful for tax payments, old shopping lists, damaged books, etc. File tax receipts, certificates, awards, books that are still useful to you, etc. Then donate books, old children books, old but relevant textbooks, etc.

2.   Yard Sale

Yard sales are very popular during summer when most families are trying to get rid of junk. After sorting through the junk, you now know what is useful to you, what is still working but is no longer useful to you, so you can organize a free yard sale to make a little change from neighborhood friends. In a yard sale, it is best not to focus on making money but on selling off the junk because most of the items that will be up for sale will be sold much less than the actual value. It is also important to carefully choose a date for organizing your yard sale.

3.   Self-storage Units

Making use of self-storage units is also a very viable option. Self-storage units are storage spaces rented to tenants, individuals and corporations, for a short period. You can use self-storage Bicester units to temporarily store your items while completing the junk sorting process. Before renting a self-storage unit, you should make sure the place is safe with adequate security to avoid loss or damage to property.

4.   Recycle Electronics

As the world advances, there are more ways to recycle various items; plastics, ceramics, glass can be recycled. Most electronic items like phones and laptops are not recommended to be thrown into a bin because of the risk of the chemicals within spilling. A lot of battery-related items and other electronic appliances and gadgets are recyclable. You can take such electronics to stores that accept damaged electronics for recycling, junk collectors and even donate them to children to use for science projects and other play projects.

When you have so much junk, it takes up a lot of space. At a point, you might notice that some rooms or areas in your house are no longer accessible because of the accumulation of junk. Getting rid of junk can be a time-consuming and tiring process, so it is best to start small, one cupboard at a time. Use these tips above to sort and dispose of junk.

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