It’s a reality of today’s property market that many people are having to do more with less. Whether it’s making the most of small balcony space in a two-bed flat, a communal area in rented accommodation, or a courtyard garden in an old terraced house, a lot of this generation’s renters and homeowners are having to get creative to create a space that feels like home.

But how can you complete a makeover in such a small area? In this article, we’ll examine a few tips that could benefit your garden – so no matter how big it is, you’ll still be able to enjoy it!

Think Vertically, not Horizontally

It may seem obvious, but if your garden is challenged in the size department, you’re not going to have a lot of open space to work with. So you can wave goodbye to the dream of a hot tub right out of the gate.

This challenges you to think about space in a different way. Instead of looking out, why not look up? Use your fences, your walls, maybe your shed to their maximum potential by adding shelving, hooks and platforms to create new spaces. This will allow you to hang lights, put up potted plants, or just add extra space for any old garden knick-knacks that you might be fond of. This is also a great way of making room for new plants; without the room for a planter or flowerbed, you can use hanging plants instead!

Use Colour to Your Advantage

If you don’t have the space for grass, flowers or trees to add a splash of colour to your garden, you’ll have to create it yourself! You’ll be surprised what a fresh lick of paint can do in a smaller area, brightening up the space and giving it a bold, fresh look that’s wholly unique to you.

The obvious candidate for a paint job would be your fences or walls. By choosing a bold new colour – maybe bright yellow, blue, or even black – you can create a beautiful backdrop for whatever plants you opt to hang or grow.

And if you want to get really colourful, you could consider painting furniture or plant pots in alternating colours for the real rainbow effect!

Make a Statement With Your Flooring 

All too often the floor for small gardens or balconies can be boring – old patio stones or dull, grey metal. An easy way to spruce up your small garden for a makeover is to add a new terrain (or several) to help add colour, layers, and options.

One of the easiest and cheapest ways of achieving this is with artificial turf. Not only does artificial turf in Las Vegas add a splash of color to your garden, but it also cheats your way to a verdant patch that we often dream of when settling down in a new home.

Alternatively, you could invest in composite decking tiles, which allow you to clip together a beautiful decking area, with no substructure, even in the smallest places. So if you’ve ever thought about having a bright, long-lasting veranda in your garden, you can have it!

If you have a little bit more room, stamped concrete patios are a great way to spiff up the look of your garden. Whichever way you go, the choice of flooring can make all the difference with your new garden project.

Utilise the Right Furniture

Nine times out of ten, your furniture will become the centrepiece of your small garden makeover – whether it’s a brand-new outdoor dining table, a shabby-chic set or some hand-crafted pallet furniture.

Regardless of what you choose, it’s important that you pick something that suits your space and complements your other additions. A small table and chairs can create an excellent relaxation area on a balcony, whilst piles of outdoor cushions can bring otherwise drab patios to life – offering somewhere to invite people or just somewhere to chill solo.

Having a smaller garden, balcony, or shared space doesn’t stop you from creating something special – it just takes a bit of creativity and imagination. Hopefully, with these tips, you’ll be well on your way to making a beautiful spot to enjoy all-year-round.



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