Renovation can bring life to your living room, kitchen, and the entire house. Your may have built your house with 2 bedroom house plans or 3 bedroom house plans but every year, new designs are introduced for everyone to try, which means that homes will keep changing. At the same time, mixing antiques with modern styles would always be a good way to go about your interior. Despite this new decade kicking off with a lot of unprecedented events, it has also brought a lot of new ideas—the interior design department is not short of such latest arrivals.


Are you planning to redecorate your home?  Firms like Very Fast Home Buyers, offer to buy your home in as-is condition, but you can take advantage of the trendy designs that are already circulating around and make more from the sale. Make your house feel comfy and premium with these four renovation trends expected to take the year 2021 by storm:



  • Keep Things Natural 


It seems that many people are going this route in 2021. So, if you’re planning to improve the aesthetics of your humble abode soon, you might want to focus on using natural materials. Some of these include bamboo, cork, rattan, wood, and marble. These can be great choices in decorating various spaces of your house, especially the kitchen. Start with a natural floor made of bamboo or cork. 


Integrating nature into your life is something you should always welcome. Furniture, countertops, and cabinet doors all look great in that wood or marble texture. You can as well opt not to change the natural color of wood or any other material you’ll be using.


  • Reduce The Number Of Walls To Create More Space 


One of the main reasons for renovation is, usually, to create more space in some of the rooms. Whether you want to sell your home via Leave The Key Homebuyers, or you’re just looking to create more space, then, this new trend has got you covered. Creating an open environment in your kitchen or living room automatically makes it spacious. What you need to do is tear down the kitchen wall and combine it with the hall or living room. The latter can also be combined with the dining room.


Of course, this depends on the design of your house. Luckily, every building has its own suitable renovation style. While at it, you could also go for open shelves or glass sliding doors to fit the new design. In addition, if you also want to renovate your bathroom, you could opt for glass screens rather than the traditional walls to separate the shower from the main bathroom. To make everything look nice and classy, you’ll need enough lighting in the area. 


  • Wabi Sabi And Japandi


You’ve probably heard of these designs before as they’re not new in the world of interior renovations, although Wabi Sabi and Japandi styles were not widely used before. These designs can give a premium feel to your home. Basically, Wabi Sabi gives you the opportunity to bring your old furniture and other items back to life. An unpolished, old, wooden mirror frame, chairs and sofas in vintage designs, and old lamps are some of the ideas to keep in mind.


Similar to Wabi Sabi, Japandi is also a minimalist type of style. If you don’t like a colorful house, but a relaxing site where you can have peace of mind, then, this could be your ideal style. Japandi gets rid of any excessive decorations and gives your house a sense of order. It’s often regarded as a Scandinavian-Japanese style combination, and rightly so. 


  • Bold Colors In The Kitchen



Totally white kitchens have been around for many years, and yours is probably in that category, too. Well, guess what?  Designers are finally moving to the next chapter despite the white style popularity still growing. Stronger colors are taking center stage and will surely be more famous in the coming months. Using bold colors could be one of the most economical ways to renovate your home. It’s rare to come across a blue, yellow, orange, or even a red kitchen, but that’s where many people are heading to. Deep green, petrol blue, dark teal, and forest green are other colors you could try out.



If you’re a house design trends enthusiast, then, the few coming months could have a lot in store for you (including contacting a handyman in Norfolk VA). From adopting a new color scheme to using natural materials, there are hundreds of ideas to make your house look premium and livable at the same time. You can also reduce the number of walls in your home to make it more spacious. Another design trend worth trying is the Wabi Sabi, which perfectly blends the past and future. Japandi is another Japanese style that could transform your home into a whole new and luxurious living space.

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