What is Trinity House Publisher Company?

Trinity House Publisher Company is a small company founded in the late 2009 by author Zachary Jernigan. Trinity House’s primary business model is book publishing, and the company has published several titles since inception. The current roster of authors includes Josh Rountree, Ron Jon, Myke Cole, Ed Erdelac, and Zachary Jernigan. Trinity House’s books are distributed in a digital format, and the company also organizes and hosts live author readings at literary festivals which occur annually.

Trinity House is based in Port Hadlock, Washington with mailing addresses in Port Townsend, WA as well as Yakima, WA. The company is partially owned by Jernigan and is currently managed by literary agent Kimberly Cameron.

Why do they publish books?

Trinity House publishes books because it believes authors write books. Before this company was created, authors had difficulty finding publishers who would give them money for their work. Now authors can go to Trinity House and get an advance on their royalties, and the company will distribute that book for them so readers can enjoy it.

How do they pay authors?

Since its inception in 2009, Trinity House has paid its authors a combined total of more than $500,000.   They pay authors by offering an advance on their royalties. Once a book earns out, the author begins to receive royalties from the first copy sold. Trinity House pays royalties monthly by direct deposit, and authors are also given information on how to sign up for an account so they can receive their money in person if they choose.

What do they publish?

Trinity House publishes literature in the form of short stories and novels. They also publish non-fiction content as well, such as memoirs and textbooks. Trinity House will work with authors to make their book a success, including marketing and distribution through traditional means as well as electronic copies online. The company will not publish pornographic material or libelous/defamatory works, though they may publish selectively offensive material.

What else do I need to know?

Trinity House advertises books to readers through the website and social media outlets like Twitter. They also participate in a number of literary festivals which feature their authors as well as other authors who are looking for publishers. The company works with its authors on editing, cover design and other publication-related tasks. In short, Trinity House is a full service publishing house for both fiction and non-fiction literature.

What does Trinity House publish?

Trinity House has published over sixty books in the last seven years, including titles from Myke Cole, Ed Erdelac, Josh Rountree, Ron Jon, Zachary Jernigan, and more. Their books are all available in electronic format through major retailers such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Google Play.

Where can I buy their books?

Their titles are available on Amazon and other major retailers.

How can I contact them?

You can reach Trinity House Publisher Company by email at info@trinityhousepublishers.com

Or tweet Kim Cameron or Zachary Jernigan

Their address is:

Trinity House Publisher Co., Inc.

421 NE Front Street #4837

Port Townsend, WA 98339


You can find them at Trinity House on Facebook, Twitter and their website. Their logo is the Eye of Horus.

Do they offer internships?

Trinity House does not have any paid internships, though they do take on volunteers for specific tasks like formatting, proofreading, and other minor tasks. If you are interested in applying to volunteer with them and you live near their Port Townsend office, please send an email to trinityhousepublish@gmail.com for further information. The website includes more information about their volunteer program as well.

Their company values

their company values can be seen on their website which says that Trinity House is a company of individuals with varied backgrounds and experiences, including business professionals, authors, artists and people who love books. they are united in our interest to publish quality literature, and they treat each other with respect.

Their mission statements

The mission statement of Trinity House Publishing says that Trinity House Publishing strives to be the premier publisher of literature in all genres. they will achieve this by working with authors to produce quality books, and by distributing those books widely.

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