Do you find it challenging at times to choose gift items for family members that are hunter? Do you have little ideas about what hunters need? Are you always wondering what to get them for birthdays, Valentine’s Day or Christmas? In this article, we share incredible gift items that will surprise the hunter in your life.

1. Hand Warmers

When hunting you sometimes become exposed to very cold weather. Even though you may prepare for the weather with clothing, your hands will still suffer from the frigid weather. To help resolve that problem for hunters, a hand warmer for hunting is an incredible gift item to keep their hands warm.

Most are ergonomically designed so that they can be used whether the hunter is standing or sitting. Additionally, there are electric hand warmers that are also available. Hand warmers not only keep the hands warm and comfortable while you hunt in the woods, but also allow you to stay longer on the hunt waiting for the game animal to come your way. This is a great gift item that is inexpensive yet has a high value for a hunter.

2. Deer Drags

One of the simple but very indispensable hunting equipment that hunters use is a deer drag. You track the game animal all day. Finally it is in a great spot and within your shooting range. You take it down but daylight is quickly fading away. It becomes obvious that you need to get out of the woods with the game animal before you lose daylight.

This is where the importance of a deer drag is realized. It can be attached to the hoofs, antlers, or other body parts of the animal, making it easy to drag it along as you leave the woods. This seems like a simple equipment, however it has a high perceived value. This is a great gift item that you can get for the hunter in your family.

3. Bow & Gun Hoists

Many hunters use treestands at some point in their hunting careers to hunt. As they become more experienced hunters, hunters will add treestands to the number of hunting methods they use. When using a treestand, one important issue is how you get your hunting gear and weapons into the treestand. Some make a serious safety mistake of taking the items with them as they climb into the treestand. This is the wrong way and can pose safety hazards.

This is where a bow and gun hoist comes into the picture. It allows you to safely pull your hunting gear and weapons into the treestand after you have climbed in. This is an incredible gift item for a hunter and it will let you be at peace knowing that it will make hunting safer for the hunter in your family.

4. Predator Calls

Many times a hunter will have to lure game animals out of their bedding areas out into a shooting range. One of the ways this can be accomplished is by using predator calls. Predator call are animal sounds produced by a device which imitates distressed and other animal sounds.

They are very effective as most of the time, they solicit an immediate response from other animals. Most will come to investigate the sound. If it is a distressed sound, the animals will want to come see what is the distress that the animal is facing. If it is a mating sound, a more aggressive male may charge in to fight off another male and take the female as his prize.

Predator calls are a great gift item that you can get for the hunter in your family of a birthday, Christmas, or Valentine’s Day gift.

5. Laser Rangefinders

Laser Rangefinders allow a hunter to get the exact distance from his position to that of the target to determine if it is within his shooting range. Imagine while glassing an area, you suddenly spot a trophy buck in pursuit of a doe. You were about to throw in the towel for the day but now things have become interesting.

Using your laser rangefinder, you zero in on the buck and it calculates that actual distance from your position to that of the buck. The trophy buck is well within your shooting range, you take your firearm, aim and down goes the buck. In a few minutes, with the aid of your laser rangefinder, you have a trophy buck. The best laser rangerfinders will make hunting easier.
It is an incredible gift item for hunters.

6. Night Vision Binoculars

Many times a hunter will hunt at night or when there is very little daylight. This poses a problem as he loses the light to help clearly see the target. A night vision binocular helps the hunter resolve the issue of hunting in low light conditions or in the night.

It allows him to clearly see during the target making it easy to take a good shot. Moreover, laser rangefinders also allow him to clearly see everything in his surroundings and feel more secure when hunting in the dark. The best night vision binoculars are an incredible gift item for the hunter in your life.

7. Hunting Backpack

A hunter has a good number of hunting gear and personal items that they carry with them on the hunt. As a hunter becomes more experienced, the number of hunting items will increase. A hunting backpack will be needed to store all of his hunting gear and items for his hunting trips.

Moreover, most hunting backpacks are designed with holders that securely store the hunter’s weapon as well as securely tie the game animal unto the hunting backpack making it easy for the hunter to move out of the woods. The best hunting backpacks are a good gift item for a hunter.

8. Field Dressing Kits

A field dressing kit is an essential item hunters need. After taking down the game animal, you will need to quickly field dress it to remove the internal organs and drain it of blood so it can cool down and not get contaminated. The best field dressing kits make this task easy and quick as you want to get it done and return home before it gets dark. A filed dressing kit is a very good gift for a hunter.

9. Hunting Chairs

This is often overlooked, but hunter need chairs to sit and wait for their targets to come with their shooting range. If a hunter uses a ground blind to hunt, then the need for a good hunting chair is even more important. A quality hunting chair is a good gift item to get for the hunter in your family if he or she hunts from a ground blind. You may want to find out if he hunts from a ground blind to decide whether to buy a hunting chair as a gift item.
Hunting. Hunter with shotgun gun on hunt. Hunting Gear and Hunting Clothing.

10. Personalized Tumblers

A personalized tumbler is a great hunting gift that you can get for the hunter in your family. You can get a tumbler personalized with the name of the hunter inscribed on to it. This gives it a high perceived value; however, at a very affordable cost.


There are many items hunters need and use that makes the life of a hunter more comfortable and enriching. Most of these items have a high perceived value and can be great hunting gift items for birthdays, Valentine’s Day and Christmas gifts. In this article, we shared incredible and often inexpensive hunting items that can be great gifts for hunters.

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