COVID-19 has made most of us more health-conscious than we were pre-pandemic, and for good reason. But the coronavirus isn’t the only thing that should keep us on guard. Germs and bacteria are present in most aspects of our everyday lives.

Most of us know this — door handles, public seating, and even the air we breathe can carry germs. Our bodies are usually able to fend-off this kind of bacteria, and good hygiene practices are a big help.

But what happens when your hygiene practices are compromised by bacteria too?

Your daily shower ritual may not be keeping you as clean as you think. Why? Because after you wash and rinse, you dry, and that towel you’re using for the fourth time this week is already teeming with bacteria.

The Facts

Studies show that coliform bacteria can be found in 90% of bath towels. Bateria love moist environments, so the longer you use your towel without washing it, the more bacteria grows, but they begin multiplying after using your towel just one time. Clinicians recommend washing your towel after every 2-3 uses… sounds like lots of laundry.

That is, unless you have a self-cleaning towel.

Towels with antimicrobial properties kill bacteria, unlike standard towels, which provide a breeding ground for them to thrive. An antimicrobial towel means a cleaner you and fewer trips to the washing machine: pros for your health & the environment. There are a few things to consider when looking for an antimicrobial towel.

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The Technology

When elements like copper are small enough, they become antimicrobial, making it the perfect contender for antimicrobial technology.

Historically, copper has been the element-of-choice for effectively cleaning and disinfecting since ancient times. It has also been verified as an antimicrobial agent by various scientific studies.

How does it work? When copper particles interact with viruses or bacteria, copper ions are released. These ions break up bacterial membranes and viral envelopes, which kills DNA and RNA, and inactivates the microbe itself.

The Alta Towel

OURA’s Alta Towel is made from 100% cotton, infused with natural copper.

Antimicrobial properties are often applied as a coating, but with this method, the effectiveness wears out quickly, rendering the properties ineffective. OURA uses an EPA-approved sonic infusion process, which bypasses this issue. Because the copper in Alta is permanently attached to the towel’s cotton fibers at a molecular level, the towel will never lose its antimicrobial properties.

How can we be sure? Lab tests. Our towels went through 100 high-power industrial machine washes and still maintained 99% effectiveness in killing bacteria upon contact. Choosing a towel with such thorough antimicrobial technology is the way to ensure proper hygiene for your body and spare the environment of those extra loads of laundry.

Say goodbye to germ-infested rags, and say hello to Alta: a self-sterilizing, odor-free, high quality towel to complete a truly clean routine.

Image Source: Alta

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