Most kratom users know that there are three color strains: red, white, and green. There’s another type of color strain that is new to the western world and that is becoming widely popular for many reasons.


Yellow Vietnam kratom is grown in the forests of Vietnam. It is said that they have been growing kratom for over 5,000 years. Kratom is typically commercially sold and produced in Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand and Malaysia. However, Vietnam just recently started to produce and sell Yellow Vietnam. There is so much to learn about this kratom strain, read more if you are interested.


It offers many benefits such as a balanced effect of relaxation, energy, mental focus, and more. We will look at the uniqueness of Yellow Vietnam Kratom from other strains, its effects for calmness and boost of energy, and the recommended dosage.


What makes Yellow Vietnam so different?


Yellow Vietnam is something fairly new to many kratom lovers and, of course, newbies. There are a few things that make this strain stand out from the green, red, and white strains.


The first visible difference is in the veins of the leaves. As the strain says, its veins are a yellow color. This is thought to come from the way the leaves are dried. Now, this is not a completely new strain. It comes from the red, green, or white strains. The drying process is what gives it its unique color.


Another noticeable difference in the taste. Typically, kratom has an unpleasant bitter taste. It can be hard for some to finish the kratom tea because of this. Some tend to mix kratom with juices or other beverages that can actually bring down its efficacy a bit. Yellow Vietnam is quite a different story. Many users claim it has a sweeter taste and is much easier to drink in its powder form. This makes this an ideal kratom for those who like the effects of kratom but cannot stand the bitter taste of other strains!


The third difference of Vietnam kratom is that it is actually 25% more alkaloid potent than other strains. This is because of the location it is grown in. The higher alkaloid content is what gives people its sought-after effects. It can provide amazing benefits to both the body and mind.


What are the effects of this strain?


White Bali can provide an array of benefits to the body and mind. Here are some of the common effects as mentioned by Yellow Vietnam Kratom users:


  • Most users report a boost in their mood which can cause a euphoric feeling. If you’re feeling down and need an uplift, this can be a great option.
  • Your energy levels can increase with this kratom. This can be due to the high alkaloid content. It can be great for those who need a boost in energy to get started with their long day.
  • Since there is a well-balanced effect of relaxation and energy, it often allows you to have mental focus. Those who need to give their attention to an important project or study can take this for concentration and getting things done.
  • It is possible that this kratom has anti-inflammatory properties. It can be great for reducing chronic pain.


Keep in mind that higher doses of Yellow Vietnam can cause sedation, so you may feel very relaxed. Some regular users enjoy this effect to calm their anxiety, while others find it too relaxing. You can take smaller doses to reduce this effect.




Yellow Vietnam Kratom offers many great benefits, without the bitter taste. It is smooth, balanced, energizing, and gives moderate effects. It can be great for starters or for anyone who doesn’t want to be overwhelmed by other kratom strains with more prominent and strong effects.



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