Sexually Transmitted Diseases have plagued us for centuries. Though we have gotten better at addressing them thanks to modern medicine, they still persist. There is generally a better understanding of STDs than ever before in history. A lot of research has been done on the subject in the past century.

There are almost twenty million new cases of STDs reported every year in the US alone. The global numbers are simply astounding. Therefore, our current method of addressing STDs is not the most effective. We need to return to the basics of STDs for the following reasons: 

People are Having More Sex

People are having sex more than ever before. Many reasons have contributed to this, the foremost among them being the ability of modern medicine to combat and treat STDs.

Moreover, there is now a hook-up culture where more people are having sex with multiple partners which is a conducive environment for the spreading of STDs.

The prevalence of sex means that many people are engaging in sexual activities whose repercussions they do not fully understand. However, if you have a basic understanding of STDs, you should be able to avoid most STDs.

STD Testing

There are many places where you can get tested for STDs, including your local health center, mobile clinics, and other charitable organizations. Most places offer free STD testing if you cannot afford it. You can also get an online test std, which is more suitable right now as you only need to set a schedule and have your test taken, then wait for the result at home. 

Your privacy will also be respected and secured.

A basic understanding of why you need to get tested can prevent severe health problems from happening, including infertility, cancer, and organ damage.

Prevalence of Misinformation

We are generating more information today than was generated more than ever before in history. However, that does not mean that all of that information is correct.

The truth is that there are many platforms where young people, in particular, are getting a lot of misinformation about STDs. It leads them to engage in reckless behavior that they think is good, which is extremely dangerous.

By returning to the basics of STDs, we ensure that people are not bombarded with information to the point where they might choose not to view it. It also means that most of the information provided about STDs will actually be accurate.

Contraceptive Use

Contraceptive use has been a contributing factor to the prevalence of sexual activity today. Though contraceptives, like condoms, can lead to decreased chances of getting STDs, they can also give you a false sense of confidence.

A false sense of confidence will increase the chance of having unprotected sexual activity. You hence increase your chance of getting an STD.

We should return to the basics of STDs and ensure that we engage in safe sexual behavior.

Certain things have led to complications around STDs. These include contraceptive use, the hookup culture, and advanced STD tests. We will accomplish much less STD rates by simply going back to the basics. 

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