A new contraption from SexToyCollective.com aims to change the way we think about sex toys, one dildo at a time. It’s called ‘The Dildo-Sculptor 4000’ and can be found at sextoycollective.com/sculptor where in a few minutes you can design, share, and 3D print your dildo. The print can then be used to make a mold which lets you cast your dildo into soft silicone rubber.

The controls of the tool are pretty simple, and there’s three main parts: a 2D section, where you can move points to shape your toy; a 3D section, where you can see how it will look; and an FX section that lets you add waves, bumps, bending and spirals. For this article I created a unicorn horn shaped dildo and called it Pegasus (shown above) I’m not quite equipped to 3D print it, but I still shared it to the site’s gallery, a hall of fame area where you can see everyone’s creations.

Image Source: BigStock.com (licensed)


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