Anal sex – it’s still a bit of a taboo topic to talk about. The very idea of anal sex can be daunting for some, but it can also be very rewarding. Because anal sex is still seen as taboo by some, it can make you feel even sexier and naughtier when you are doing it. When you view something as “wrong” or “naughty”, the thrills that come from it are even more enjoyable. Your level of arousal can be so much higher than it typically is. Keep in mind, anal sex is not wrong or bad!

In what ways does anal sex cause sexual pleasure?

If you are considering anal sex, there are some important things to keep in mind. You can easily orgasm with anal sex. In fact, anal orgasms can be far more intense than a vaginal or penile orgasm. Your anus has many sensitive nerve endings, most of which are connected to your genitals. This means you are getting ultra intense stimulation in more than one area. 

Men (cisgender or assigned male at birth) can experience prostate stimulation through anal sex. This can also lead to an orgasm that can be relatively intense. Some men report that prostate orgasms are stronger than their typical penile orgasm.

Women (cisgender or assigned female at birth) can experience pleasure in their G Spot and their A Spot from anal sex! These two areas are located in the vagina, but can be stimulated during anal sex. 

Just like the prostate, anal sex for women can create a full body, toe shaking orgasm. Some women even experience squirting (female ejaculation) from anal sex. 

Anal sex is also a great way to explore your body.

Anal sex can be very exciting if you have never explored that part of your body. The sensation is completely different from the sensation of vaginal or penile pleasure. Branching out and trying new things can also amp up the excitement in the bedroom overall.

It’s also a great way to try new kinks. Allowing yourself to try a new kink and exploring your sexual self will allow for more adventure and thrill inside and outside of the bedroom. It can even bring you closer to your partner, as it helps build the trust that you have together. 

Anal pleasure can be also be enhanced with the right sex toys.

Sex toys can enhance pleasure in all areas- whether that is through anal, vaginal, nipple stimulation, clitoral, or penile stimulation. In the bedroom, a sex toy can help you or your partner reach orgasm, reach a more satisfying orgasm, or just enhance the overall pleasure in the bedroom. 

Anal sex toys can also be a great way to start trying anal play without going full on. You can slowly figure out what you are comfortable with before completely putting a penis or strap on in your anus. There are butt plug kits with multiple sizes that allow you to try and slowly work your way up to using something bigger. You can also try anal beads, which many people really enjoy. 

If both you and your partner are interested in trying anal penetration, you can both try the different sizes! However, you must ensure that you are sanitizing the toys thoroughly, to minimize risk of infection.

Anal sex is a great way to build intimacy with your partner. 

Opening up to try new things can create a much more intense intimacy with your partner. Trust goes a long way. Anal sex is something that requires time, effort, and communication to try to find the most comfortable and pleasurable feelings for each other, which means your bond as partners is going to grow stronger while you work together. This talking and foreplay creates great sexual closeness and emotional closeness.

Anal sex can also have some health benefits for you and your partner. 

As with any sexual activity, you can experience better sleep, lower risk of heart disease and lower lood pressure, less headaches, and a better mood overall. 

In men, prostate stimulation is thought to help with erectile dysfunction, prostatitis, and painful ejaculation. 

Anal sex also removes most of the risk of pregnancy! 

This stimulating penetration can be so pleasurable, without the concern of pregnancy. However, you should still use protection, as STI’s are still transmittable through the anus. In fact, penis in anus sex can lead to a higher rate of transmission. This is because the skin in the rectum is a lot thinner, and more likely to tear than vaginal skin.

Remember, safe sex is the best sex – not having to worry about HIV, Sti’s, or any other infections can really take a load off. Make sure when trying anal sex to use a condom, and use lubricant. You anus does not produce natural lubricant, so it is imperative to use a lot of lubricant. Lube will also decrease the risk of tears.

Make sure that the sex toy, penis, or finger gets washed before entering the vagina as well. Cross contamination from bacteria in the anus can cause UTI’s and yeast infections.

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