There has been noticeable and steady growth in the number of visitors on adult websites over the years. As the number increases, a handful of other features are added to the community to keep up the pace. The adult website has been an integral part of the porn industry, having diversified into several forms. While a lot of individuals would rather see regular sex, much more have upgraded into live camming. The live camming community involves active contributions of the visitors, unlike the regular porn where you get to watch pre-scripted videos. The live camming community involves active contributions of the visitors, unlike the regular porn where you get to watch pre-scripted videos. This upgrade has brought about quite many changes in the community at large.

Thanks to the CoviD-19 pandemic, the no of users on most adult website have increased drastically. Since we all had to stay indoors during the lockdown, we had to get our nuts out to keep us sane. The adult website community thought this possible, and we had live camming where seeing live porn video became a reality. Every porn addict wants more, wants to explore and the best shot at the time was live camming. Not only did it help us get our nuts out, but it also helped build relationships in its unique way.

Most adult subscription content platforms were the main focus during the pandemic. They’ve had quite many activities going on, and the number of registered users has increased drastically over the past few years. The reason behind this is quite simple. As explained earlier, a higher need to get socially and sexually active even during the lockdown contributed to this increase. The only means by which this could be possible was via these adult platforms where you get to meet live performers on private shows from the corners of your room. According to the Guardian Australia, onlyfans had an approx. Eighty-five million registered users and paid out $2.7bn in 2020. The opportunity of having to see live cam shows even helped increased these numbers and to this present moment.

Why is the increase in subscription content platforms drastic?

Nobody planned for the pandemic beforehand. If we had, we probably might have been increasing our sexual activities ahead. So, the pandemic caught the world unawares, putting everything on halt at the same time. Since there was no proper planning or awareness before the pandemic, it only took a little while before people started looking for a way out. Hence, the increase in subscription content platforms is tied to the following factors.

  • Hold on to sanity:

As ridiculous as this might sound, adult content platforms have been of great help to the community at large. Many individuals were on the verge of losing their sanity, but adult websites have helped keep us sane. Being indoors with nowhere to go gets boring in a quick while and reduces sanity level by the day. Having someone to talk to or share your fantasies with alongside getting your nuts out is a win-win! The only place this was made manifest is on subscription content platforms where you get to meet like-minded individuals. The adult camming community is a vivid example.

  • It is home:

It’s somewhat difficult to come out and declare your sexuality, especially if it’s not according to the perceived belief. Most individuals will be judged based on their sexuality. Putting most in difficult positions in explaining and expressing their kinkiest. It’s a different case on these contents platforms. While you can decide to mask your anonymity on various platforms, you don’t have to on adult websites. It’s the home every abused individual can freely live in and be happy. Your fantasies and kinky are another individual’s turn-on switch on live camming websites, allowing you to meet like-minded individuals on a larger scale. The feel of being with someone that’s sharing similar beliefs will always be exciting and relaxing at the same time. So, if you are having quite the time blending into your immediate surrounding, try subscription content platforms. Its usage has increased over the years, with several Individuals looking for friendship and freaky find their way to various adult platforms.

  • They are user-friendly and easy to navigate:

The pandemic was enough complications; adding another could be disastrous. Adult content platforms knew this, and they made adequate plans to eradicate any form of complications. Most individuals are stressed mentally, and in other to help reduce the stress, the adult content website became popular. Adding complications from complex user interfaces will only minimize the number of clicks on the platforms and will cause a reduction in users. So, most of these platforms have a user-friendly interface and easy to navigate. With few clicks, you can move from chatting with a performer to being in private shows where you get to chat more personally. Users on these platforms find it quite easy to connect without having to go through long processes. It’s an essential feature that has kept the adult web content platforms up and running.

  • Means to explore:

Seeing the same set of persons over and over again gets boring easily. The lockdown made it so, and this became a problem even between couples. It became frustrating that some couples decide to share their home, while the wife stays in the room, the man is on the crouch. Subscription content platforms like the adult cam sites gave a different feel to it. You get to explore, meet new people and make new friends over the internet. It’s nice to chat with someone and even nicer to see the person you are chatting with. Most regular porn sites will only offer you videos and moans. The cam site offers friendship and deeper connections. There have been reports of individuals meeting up and dating via cam sites. Having to explore other parts of life and sample your sexuality became a reality for many individuals.

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