There are many reasons why couples pause more intimate aspects of their relationship while one of them is going through cancer treatment. The first is that both cancer and cancer treatment can cause a great deal of pain, which would make it difficult to enjoy any type of sexual activity. Secondly, some of the side effects of cancer treatment can make both men and women feel insecure about their looks and cause them to shy away from physical intimacy. No matter how you may have felt during this experience, it is possible to reclaim your sexuality. If this has been an issue for you and your partner, here is how you can get started.

1. Find ways to reignite the passion and confidence you once had.

It can be hard to reclaim your sexuality if you do not feel the same about yourself as you once did. One way to begin working towards sex with your partner is to find simple ways to become more confident and sexy, such as purchasing some of your own sexy lingerie. These can be items that you wear on your own or items that you bring out when you are in front of your partner in a comfortable setting. Whatever feels most comfortable at the moment, work on seeing yourself as a sexual being if this is something that you may have lost during your battle with cancer.

2. Work on your own sexuality and sexual needs before reuniting with your partner.

Jumping back into sex with your partner can be overwhelming, especially if your sexual performance and desire are not what they used to be. Fortunately, sexuality encompasses so much more than just the act of sex. Use the time after beating cancer to reconnect with your partner on a more intimate level to retrieve that spark that will make it easier when you are ready. In the meantime, you may want to explore your sexuality on your own and work on understanding your pleasure before trying it with your partner. Remember, there is no timeline for sex. You and your partner can start when you feel ready.

3. Consider seeking help if you experience any problems that may prevent you from reaching your goal.

While beating cancer is something to celebrate, the process that you had to endure can be quite traumatic both mentally and physically. There may still be side effects of certain medications or surgeries that prevent you from experiencing your body in the same ways that you did in the past. Additionally, you may still be undergoing certain treatments that could affect the level of pleasure and comfort you experience now. The best thing to do is to visit your doctor by going to your cancer treatment center in West Hartford, CT, to learn more about treating these issues so you can lead a better quality of life. Along with physical symptoms, it can be a great idea to reach out for help from a mental health professional who can help you work through the mental impact of cancer. No matter what you may be going through, help is available to provide you with support in all areas of your life.

The question of sex after cancer is one that can be quite difficult to talk about or act on. However, it is something that may be on both you and your partner’s mind. If sex has come up between you two but you do not know where to go from here, use some of the tips above to figure out how you can begin exploring your sexuality and where you can get help if you need it.

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