As there is a high demand for professional feet pictures, numerous online platforms are available for buying and selling feet pics in 2022.

The increase in demand is due to various industries such as stock photo websites, podiatrists, beauticians, modeling agencies, shoe designers, and Etsy shop owners looking to purchase professional feet pictures. 

Since many people are passionate about purchasing good quality feet pics, bloggers have made a fortune by selling their feet pics online. But how do you purchase them, and how much do they cost? Here is a beginner’s guide to buying high-quality feet pics online! 

How to Buy Feet Pics Online in 2022

Are you interested in buying the latest feet pictures online? Numerous platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, FeetFinder, FunWithFeet, and Onlyfans are available for buying feet pics. 

These platforms let you create an account to subscribe to specific profiles with a feet picture portfolio. Let us learn how to buy feet pics online.

First, you must choose a reliable platform to buy feet pictures. Next, you must set up an online account on your chosen platform. Such platforms require your personal information such as your name, credit card information, address, etc.

Some websites and apps also let you stay completely anonymous by choosing a randomized name. Once you have set up your account, you can look for sellers. These websites provide a search bar where you can enter feet-related hashtags.

Next, click on a profile. Look into a portfolio. If you like a picture, you can DM the seller or make a buying request directly. Then the buyer charges you for the picture. 

Platforms for Buying Feet Pics

Many platforms exist for people to buy and sell feet pics online. There are two buying and selling models on online platforms. The first model consists of paying a fixed amount of money every month to access content posted by creators.

The second model requires you to pay once for the pictures you want to purchase. The first payment model is subscription-based.

First, you make an account on a platform and subscribe to a profile that charges you according to the subscription prices. Then it allows you to access all the content posted by the account.

In contrast, the one-time payment option lets you purchase certain pictures through private accounts. The sellers DM you the pictures, and you make a direct online transaction. Here are some platforms where you can purchase foot pictures. 

  • Onlyfans
  • FeetFinder
  • FunWithFeet
  • InstaFeet
  • TikTok
  • Snapchat
  • Instagram 
  • Facebook

Buying Feet Pics on Onlyfans

Onlyfans is a subscription-based platform that allows creators to upload their content behind their paywall. Fans can access this content by paying a monthly fee. Top OnlyFans models create a high number of quality pictures of their feet, and many of them produce videos as well. This has become an in-demand niche, and the models are delivering in a creative way.

Once you subscribe to the account, you can request specific content. The seller can accept your request, and you can tip them for the customized content.

Subscribing allows you to DM the sellers, show your support, or request unique content. This is also an excellent way to interact with the creators. 

You can surf through various profiles on Onlyfans. If an account piques your interest, you can follow them. You will receive a prompt where you can enter your credit card details.

Once you pay for the subscription, the content becomes available to you. However, many users do not have a paywall, and you can access their content for free. Besides this, some creators offer free trials for a month, after which they charge you a fixed monthly fee.

Buying Feet Pics on Fun With Feet

Fun With Feet is another excellent platform exclusively designed for people wanting to sell and purchase feet pictures. They can effortlessly create an account to log in.

The platform’s main interface asks users to click on Buyer or Seller. So, for example, if you want to buy feet pics, click on ‘Buyer’ and proceed to the browse option.

Here you can access different feet pictures posted by content creators. If you like a picture, you can request a profile to make a purchase.

Some users charge a specific price for their pictures. Then they send you their watermark-free pictures once you have made the payment. Some accounts also charge a specific rate to allow you to access their content. 

How Much Do Feet Pics Cost?

Feet pictures do not have a fixed price. Different users charge you differently. For example, users may lock their content if they have a larger fanbase.

Such paywalls are usually more expensive. They require you to have a monthly subscription to unlock all of the content.

If you want unique content, you can tip the content creator. This way, you have to pay more to purchase content. However, most profiles price their feet pictures between $5 to $30 per picture.

But if you want high-quality pictures from specific accounts, they may charge you as much as $100 per foot! 

What Kind of Feet Pics Can You Buy?

Content creators use many famous feet poses for their pictures. These pictures often have different backgrounds. But you can buy typical feet pictures such as the following.

  • Pedicured feet
  • Tattooed feet
  • Dancing feet
  • Top of foot
  • Soles of feet
  • Dirty feet pictures
  • Slender feet
  • Foot arch
  • Toe spread
  • Feet with heels

Besides this, you can make a custom request to the content creator to get a specific pose. For example, if you want to purchase a feet pic with toe accessories, you can DM the seller to produce customized content for a higher price. 

Final Thoughts

Buying and selling feet pictures online is effortless due to the availability of numerous platforms. Furthermore, these platforms are reliable and safe as their privacy policy lets you maintain anonymity.

If you want to start purchasing aesthetic feet pics, you must create an account, browse profiles, and subscribe.

But before you make a purchase, make sure to look into the account’s authenticity and picture quality, as you wouldn’t want to pay more for low-quality snaps. This is why sites such as Fun With Feet let you browse a seller’s portfolio to help you get an idea about their content. 

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