One industry we expect a lot of innovations in the coming year is the sex toy industry.


Gone are the days of the boring vibrator with just an on and off button.


But what kind of cool stuff can we expect from the guys over at Kiiroo, We-Wibe, and Fleshlight?


To get some professional input we asked Tim Larson from My Sex Toy Guide what trends he sees coming on the horizon.


Tim started out by saying “over the past years, sex toys have become a significant part of our lives. People are always looking for better ways to enhance and control their sexual pleasures. And, this has led to the advancement of some pretty amazing technologies. Furthermore, in this coming decade, I expect to see the industry integrate even more Silicon Valley tech into their products.”


In addition, Tim sent us a list of the trends he expects to see this year.


Let’s check them out!


VR-Enabled toys


One trend we’re certainly looking forward to is having our sex toys being VR-Enabled and synchronized.


What do I mean by that?


Well, imagine using a VR headset together with a male masturbator, while watching your favorite pornstar doing naughty acts on the screen. Now, since you’re using a VR headset, all the actions on the screen are synched to the masturbator!


It feels like you’re having actual sex with the girl on the screen!


Incredible isn’t it?


KIROO toys, for instance, already started to implement this tech in their toys. And this coming year we expect to see even more manufacturers doing so.


Touch Responsive Toys


Toys have been getting more advanced control methods.


For example, you now have vibrators that increase its stroking speed, length, and stiffness depending on how hard you squeeze.


Today, some toys, such as We-Vibe Chorus already offer a squeeze control feature. And we are speculating to see more sex toys controlled by pressure – especially now that pressure sensors are getting more affordable and accurate.


App-Controlled Remote Toys


In today’s Covid-19 world, social distancing is limiting our sexual desires, especially if your partner lives in a different state.


Therefore it has been difficult for some partners to meet and have their sexual desires fulfilled.


But that will all change now!


Using app-controlled remote sex toys, or teledildonics, you can control the sex toy of your partner from anywhere in the world. And toys such as Pivot, Rave, Sync, and Ditto from We-Vibe have already launched products like that on the market.


And shortly, we expect even better and improved sex toys – with faster real-time experiences – especially now that 5G network connectivity is on the move.


Gamification Of Sex Toys


Gaming is a massive trend.


Now, imagine that you can arouse, or even play with your partner in a mall or any public place.


This is quite thrilling.


We already seen vibrating panties that can be used to tease your partner in public. Now we are expecting the sex toy industry to embrace this even further, and bring more toys like the LELO Luna Smart Bead to the market


Introducing gaming into your sex life leads to a whole host of fun.


Electro-stimulation toys


Another sex tech trend is electro-stimulation where the toys have a metal pad that can send gentle electrical impulses throughout your body.


In short, the brain controls the relaxation and contraction of the pelvic floor. The pulses from the brain to the pelvic muscles gives some very nice Kegel workout during your masturbation sessions.


Some of these sex toys line are Impulse by CalExotics which include the Intimate E-Stimulator Dual Wand and the Intimate E-Stimulator Petite Wand.


3D Printed Sex Toys


3D printing technology brings fantasies to life.


The benefit of 3D printing is that you can uniquely personalize your sex toys, and it can be done in the comfort of your own home.


Today, there are already some websites where you can create custom toys online. Simply download an STL file that you can use with your 3D printer at home.


Bluetooth Compatible Sex Toys


Today, you don’t need to be in the same room, let alone the same city to have sexual stimulation with your partner.


For example, let’s say you are in the mood for some sex, but you are not in the same place as your wife or partner.


Enter Bluetooth controlled sex toys!


These toys are controlled via a tablet or a smartphone, and you can control vibration’s speed and many other exciting features. All these sensations are sent to your partner on the other end.


Cool right?


Suction Toys


For a woman, clitoral stimulation is the epicenter of sexual pleasure.


Therefore, the industry has launched a line of new toys called clitoral stimulators that offer a different sensation compared to the good old vibrator.


In short, these toys create a pulsing air effect, pinpointing the stimulation to the clitoris’ nerve endings.


Wrap Up


Sex toys are getting more technologically advanced and better this year.


Keeps your eyes peeled! We’re for sure going to benefit from this!

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