The world population is around 7.5 billion living in more than 195 countries. More than 80% of the world population belongs to 12 major religions. The beauty of the world is, apart from all the differences each religion has, one thing is common, humanity. Almighty made the world and humans, and what human did? They introduced the concept of humanity. The theory of humanity claims to care, love, support, and help. Besides these four elements, the concept of humanity varies from person to person. For some, humanity is helping others morally or financially, but for some, humanity has a different narrative, which is to help people with resolving their issues.


By definition, humanity claims to consider the world population. On the other hand, it also claims to have an ability to be compassionate, loveable, and a helping hand for others. In short, humanity has nothing to do with self-interest; it is solely dependent on the needs of the people around through social work. Recently, an ideology says, humanity serves as the foundation of peace. This may be right because serving humanity cannot only help the world to become a better place; it also helps you to revitalize your life with peace.


Human Services And Social Work:


The world has started educating people for humanity and introduced educational institutes to let people understand, what human services are, what social work is, and how small initiatives are helping the world to become a better place to survive. We all are familiar with the terminology of human services. Somehow, human services and social workers are similar in terms of their roles. If you want to understand more about it, you can do masters in social work online as social work bring harmony and inner peace to your life.


Significance Of Humanity:


Have you ever noticed that when you help a needy, you feel victorious, you smile, you feel fresh, and your heart feels light. This is how humanity pays you back. Inner peace and satisfaction are the two value-added benefits of serving humanity. The Book of life has to be filled with the good deeds you did instead of letting it empty when you are at the last stage of your life. When you reflect on the achievements of life, you must have something to be proud of, and it is only possible if you have done something good to other people. Business profits, huge house, latest cars will never get you the peace of mind that comes only by seeing people smiling because of you.


Existence Of Karma


Amazingly, we all have heard about the ideology of Karma. What you do comes back to you. If you are a person of spreading love, happiness and offering your help to people, you will definitely be blessed by the Almighty in the same way. So how about expanding your help today that gives you peace of mind and, at the same time, glorify your future with the blessing of Almighty.


The Soul


The harsh reality is that we all are running like life is a race, and we need to win it. This is because we are seeking happiness. We have a myth that being financially sound will lead our lives to happiness. Even though money can help us find satisfaction, it will never be long-lasting. The true, long-lasting happiness and peace come from within. You can nourish your soul when you help others, serve humanity, and become a guardian for the people who need your help.


Good Deeds, A Source Of Peace:


Here, we would like to share some small, random good deeds that will help you find peace of mind:


  • How many times have we tried to help an old lady cross the road? Expand the horizon and help people in need.
  • Pretty common in the new generation that they do not offer the seat to an older man, let’s change ourselves and start offering them to sit.
  • We all know people around who need financial help, let’s try to utilize 1% of our salaries, wages, or even pocket money for the noble cause.
  • If you are educated enough that you can teach something, why not share your knowledge as a wise man said, the more your share knowledge, the more knowledge you gain.
  • Our gardens and parks have birds. It will a very small act of kindness to serve them water but will have a huge impact on your mental peace.




Small initiatives like making random people smile, your small act of kindness will lead you to a peaceful life. Hence, it is not necessary to plan a big good deed, your small but regular good deeds are also capable of bringing peace. Later in the journey of life, you will not regret that you didn’t do anything well.


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