We all want our homes to be as safe as possible, but unfortunately, there’s no way to guarantee this. However, taking the time to know what to do in case of a home invasion, and preparing your home for it, can allow you to walk away safe and unscathed.

Here’s what you should know.

Try To Avoid An Invasion From Happening

Before any invasion can happen, try to take steps to protect your home. For example, put in a security system that can alert you to someone entering when they shouldn’t be, and ensure that you keep your phone nearby so that you can call an emergency number if anyone tries to break in.

Stay Calm, Don’t Panic.

The worst thing you can do is panic. So if you hear someone breaking into your home, try to stay as calm as possible.  Of course, it’s hard to keep completely calm when you know someone has invaded your space, but making the right decisions can protect you from getting injured and may give you the chance to escape.

Get Out of The House Immediately

If you can: get out of the house as quickly as possible.  Your best bet in being safe is to get out quickly.  Allow your wireless home security systems to capture the video and audio of the burglars; what matters more is your safety and health.  Try to go to a neighbor’s home, if possible, or a different location where you can get inside and away from what’s happening.

Defend Yourself If you’re Attacked.

If they physically attack you, and you have to defend yourself, be aware of how many others are in your home and if you can protect yourself. For example, in close fighting, using your elbow instead of your fists or feet can be a powerful blow without risking hurting your hands or having to pull back for punches.

People are most cautious about their eyes and nose; if you have to fight to survive: go for those.  There’s an ick figure with this, but you need to survive, and avoiding hurting someone who’s hurting you isn’t going to save your life.

Contact Emergency Help If Possible

If you’re able to get away, try to contact emergency help as soon as possible.  Call 911, tell them where you are and what’s happening.  Dispatchers will stay on the line with you and talk you through everything.  They’re going to ask you a lot of questions and will try to keep you calm.  Many mistake this for them not believing you, but you have to be clear-headed about this and be as honest as possible. Although they’re not asking you all of this to catch you in a lie, your answers may help capture whoever broke in.

Follow Their Instructions If You’re Stuck With Them

If you’re stuck with the home invaders, follow their instructions and give them what they want.  Trying to stop their attempts to steal from you will likely aggravate them, which could escalate the situation into something horrifying. Instead, keep your calm, listen to their instructions and questions, and try to gather whatever information you can while they’re talking.  If you can see their face or have a unique voice or look, keep note of it.

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