Do you own body armor? Do you wish to carry it with you to every place you travel, taking into account your safety and fear of the wrong things that go around in the world? If this is your case, you need to know that you cannot simply pack body armor in your suitcase just like any other clothes and head out, especially when you travel by air. 

You need to know the rules and restrictions that govern the carriage of body armor. So here are a few things that you need to know when you plan to travel with body armors during national and international travel:

International travel

If you are planning out for an international trip with a Safe life defense body armor to your destination, then you need to know the rules and regulations of that particular country to which you are traveling. 

The chances are that the regulations concerned with body armor may vary in that specific country. Whilst some countries do permit people to don on bulletproof jackets, others may not permit the same as they list down such armors in the list of controlled items. 

Hence, you need to know the protocols of carrying body armor along with you while you head out for an international journey. 

Carrying of body armors may also result in some additional checks and inquiries. Thus, reach the airport way beforehand to deal with such protocols that may result in delays or missing the flight all over. Also, there may be restrictions on the style and materials of the body armor you are carrying. 

So make sure that you do in-depth research regarding the same to prevent inviting any legal trouble for yourself, ending up in police verifications and custody of the armor.

Domestic travel

Things can be a bit simple when you travel within the country bounds as you know a few tidbits about the local rules governing body armors. There are many countries where carrying body armor is legal, and if you reside in one, then you can easily walk off wearing your bulletproof jackets without any fear until and unless you are someone under conviction. 

Further, when you talk of traveling by road within the country permits, carriage of body armors tends to be pretty easy, whereas air travel may again impose some restrictions. Essentially, air travel does not stop you from carrying body armor, but again you need to check the same with the airline staff before you consider carrying it in your bag.

Additionally, if your profession mandates you to carry such safety gear, then you can get an authority letter from the higher authorities and take all the necessary credentials to get an easy pass to have such armor in your bag.


We hope that we have given you enough guidelines to consider when you think of taking up a domestic or international travel with body armor in your bag. The next time you head out with body armor, do keep these tips in mind to save yourself from landing down in unpleasant circumstances

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