Fire is a scary thing, to say the least. When a fire breaks out, people can attempt to put it out in a variety of ways. There are water hoses, sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers, and even a fire blanket that can do the job.

A fire blanket is as it sounds: a flame-resistant blanket that can be thrown on top of a fire to suffocate it. You may find them more often in places such as kitchens where fire is more likely to occur. There are a few benefits to be had by implementing a fire blanket in your fire safety plan.

  1. Easy to Use

Perhaps the biggest benefit of using a fire blanket is that they are super easy to use. With extinguishers, there may be some confusion about how to pull the pin or operate the handle. None of that exists with the fire blanket.

There is no necessary formal training required, either. All you do is unfold the blanket and throw it over the top of the fire. They are so easy to use that even a child could properly deploy one to put a fire out in an emergency.

  1. Great for Helping People on Fire

When fire is contained to a certain area, it is at least a little more manageable to deal with. But what happens when you see a person who is on fire? There are now fewer options for putting them out safely.

That is where the fire blanket comes into play. When someone catches fire, the blanket is a safe way to extinguish the fire on them. Simply wrap it around the area that has caught fire to put it out. It can also help shield them from fire during the escape.

  1. Reliable

While it is a great thing to have fire extinguishers on site, there is one caveat: they may not always work. Fire extinguishers can expire, leaving them completely ineffective when the time comes for them to battle the flames.

Fire blankets, meanwhile, always work. If you need a completely guaranteed method to extinguish a fire, look no further than a fire blanket. In the event of a small fire, the most effective method is a fire blanket. You can stop the fire from building and spreading in short order, before it has a chance to do further damage.

  1. Affordable and Easy to Store

Having a fire extinguisher is a great idea, but they aren’t the easiest to store. Furthermore, they aren’t the most affordable option when it comes to home use. That is why it can be much more effective to have a fire blanket instead.

Fire blankets are extremely affordable, meaning that you can have a couple on site for an emergency. Even better, they are compact and easy to store. You can keep them wherever you want without having to take up too much space. That also means being able to store them in more locations.

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