More than just well-planned decor contributes to the pleasure of owning a house. After you’ve spent time and money creating the home of your dreams, think about installing security features to keep your family safe from intruders. While burglaries are still on the rise, the prospect of a home invasion is frightening and infuriating.

The good news is that you can protect your home from intruders by taking some precautions. Consider protection as a series of layers. The first is the land surrounding your home, followed by the exterior of your structure, and finally, the interior of your home. It would be easier for you to compartmentalize the task of protecting your home if you bear this in mind.

One key part of keeping your home safe ls to have an Atlanta locksmith install extra security features, such as door access control. However, if a break-in does occur, locksmiths can help replace door locks, keys, and install extra security features to prevent it from happening again.

Home Security Tips

Most break-ins and burglary property crimes go unreported according to the burglary statistics that took place in Australia. Other property crime concerns, such as having your property stolen physically or online or having your vehicle stolen, pale in comparison. Break-ins, contrary to popular opinion, are more common during the day than at night.

The financial and emotional damage that a break-in or robbery causes are devastating. That is why, rather than responding to something negative that has already happened, you should think about protection first. Professionals from will inspect and install the locks and doors. Here are some safety tips to keep your home safe from intruders.

Get Smart Locks

Intruders would like to enter and exit a house as soon as possible. Weak gadgets would most certainly benefit them. If a thief came across heavy-duty gadgets at the entry points, he or she would think twice. Going old school with the locks would likely backfire. As a result, smart locks are your best bet.

In today’s world, technology reigns supreme. High-tech devices should be used in your house security system. An intruder would have a difficult time tampering with the door. If they sense retaliation for tampering with the high-tech locks, they’ll pack their belongings and flee.

Upgrade All Entry Doors Hinges

The infrastructure of an entry door relies heavily on door hinges. Burglars aren’t always effective in smashing through a door’s lock. A burglar’s contingency option for gaining entrance is to manipulate the door hinges. The hinges match the frame of your front door. During a door hinge attack, your whole front door may be dislodged.

Inward and outward-facing hinges are the two styles of hinges. Inward-facing hinges are preferred because they have a higher degree of protection due to their inaccessibility.

Install A Deadbolt On The Interior Of Every Entry Door

For criminals, an entry door with a cheap cylinder lock is an easy target. Install a grade 1 deadbolt on your door as soon as possible. The deadbolts are incredibly long-lasting and dependable. They can withstand up to 75 pounds of force and 10 blows. They’re also a good deterrent since most criminals are aware of these types of locks.

The biggest benefit of a deadbolt is that it comes with a strike plate that you can mount on your door jamb. The box strikes are tough and have a steel cup that the bolt locks into instead of a flimsy rectangular opening. Making them impervious to kick-ins and other forms of force.

Use UPVC Doors and Windows

Not only will UPVC doors and windows complement your house, but they will also protect against intruders. They are appealing to the eye while still being functional and low-maintenance. Their thick UPVC walls and internal webbing endure the rigors of daily use without denting or scratching.

Any entrance point’s primary role is to provide protection. You get exceptional security against intruders with UPVC doors and windows. They have the new generation of high-security locks installed on their doors and windows to keep you and your property safe from break-ins.

Use a Mortise Lock

A mortise lock is a powerful locking mechanism that is mounted on the inside of a door. To be accommodated, it is used on thick frames. In comparison to cylinder locks, the mortise lock provides much greater protection against intruders.

Intruders almost often attempt to reach home through the front entrance. When it comes to home security, the front door is obviously the most important. Any door that isn’t kick-proof or pick-proof should be secured with a mortise lock.

Do not Wait To Take Action

Break-ins can happen to anyone in any neighborhood at any time. To gain entry to a home, most of them rely on deception, pace, and force. Don’t sit around waiting for it to happen to you. To avoid being a burglary victim, keep your home safe and secure with an effective deterrent.

Also, there is no assurance that your home will not be a target with the security measures in place. For added home protection, consider the following suggestions.

  1. On electronic locks, change your passwords regularly.
  2. Cut back shrubs and bushes to remove hiding areas.
  3. When leaving, remember to lock your doors and windows and secure your valuables in a safe.
  4. Never talk about your holidays or travels on social media because you might be giving away information to possible criminals.
  5. Opportunistic offenders often perform surveys of potential victims’ homes. Keep your windows closed to prevent them from seeing what’s inside your building.
  6. If you live in an apartment, close the door behind you when entering or exiting the house.
  7. If you move into a new home or steal or lose your keys, make sure you change the locks.
  8. Install motion sensor lighting and replace patio/sliding glass door locks.
  9. Valuable things should be kept out of sight in your shed, which should always be closed.
  10. Keep your curtains and drapes partially open and your lights on timers if you will be out for an extended period of time. Thieves are attracted to unoccupied homes in particular.

Although there are no guarantees that intruders will not break into your house, being alert and taking precautions will help protect your family in the long run. You’re on the right track for securing your house, regardless of the safety measure you suggest, whether it’s safety locks or cameras.

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