The cleaning and surface disinfection are becoming something usual in this new normal we are experiencing. It happens because of the pandemic of the Coronavirus that is ravaging the entire planet.

Without a doubt, the Coronavirus has changed the way we live. It will likely transform many things in our daily routine to prevent infections from this and other diseases.

How would you take preventive precautions to protect against the Coronavirus?

Although COVID-19 is a low mortality virus, no successful treatments are available to 100% remove it. So, you need to bear in mind the appropriate hygiene requirements, especially if you have left your house.

It is necessary to note that one of the areas in which such sanitation steps will be enforced in public transit. Over there, citizens are very dismissive of one another, which results in a higher chance of contagion. In the office, the same thing should happen. Office spaces, including conference rooms should be cleaned every evening after office hours or early in the morning before the rooms are occupied, says Fathima Jasmine, the operations manager for Cleaning Company in Dubai

Using Gel Alcohol or Hand Sanitizer is A New Norm

Soap or hand-sanitizer is the main antagonist of Coronavirus. It is one of the safest cleaning methods to deter it, as you use to travel. Whether you go on or off the car, you should use gel alcohol.

This way, you eliminate or at least discourage contamination in public transit to the office when you are unable to telework.

In this respect, we want to provide you with this guide about how to clean your hands with a disinfectant gel better. It is what the World Health Organization shares with us as well as the role of the disinfectant gel in viruses, in particular Coronavirus.

According to the WHO, hand-sanitizer has components that not only destroy the layer that protects DNA from the Virus but also inactivate it.

A variety of experiments indicate that these alcohol gels resist common flu. It also has strong effectiveness against multiple forms of viruses, including influenza-A and the latest COVID-19, that plagues the entire world.

When you choose to interrupt the virus propagation chain, then clean your hands with a sanitizing spray to avoid the spread of the new Coronavirus.

Cars in The Future Will Have Disinfectant Inside

Throughout this way, many automobile manufacturers have begun designing some innovations. Especially the one that avoids virus contaminants from being absorbed into the environment of the vehicle.

Suppliers and automotive makers investigate ways to defend their cars from viruses to attract consumers on the road since COVID-19. Geely, the parent company of Volvo, has indicated that its new electric EV “Icon” has been equipped with an air filtration system rated N95.

Many Chinese automotive producers have revealed a range of initiatives capable of sterilizing an urban environment, such as an autonomous 5G-capable SUV. It runs through the metropolitan spraying disinfectant or a vehicle with a negative pressure management device.

Hyundai announced a few weeks ago that it was “making the usage of UV sterilization techniques.” It will be mounted on its cars as a roof lamp.

In the following days, Peugeot, Citroen and Vauxhall distributors launched a 29-point car monitor and an antimicrobial cleaning device.

The IHS consultants estimate that 80 percent of customers in the United States can select either one brand or another because of the availability of disinfection technologies in vehicles.

Now the question is how you can travel in the prevailing condition of COVID-19. Well! You can maintain social distance by traveling in a rented car. No doubt all other means of transportation directly expose you to the public that is not safe. If you have to visit Dubai for official meetings during the covid period, we suggest you hire an automobile from a professional rent a car company.


Hand sanitizing gels are beneficial if they carry a dose of more than 60% of alcohol. They are especially useful if you work in health care settings like hospitals, pharmacies, or clinics. It is a quick way to wash your hands in constant contact with people at risk and to remove possible bacteria.

One of the benefits of disinfecting gel is that the fluid will react quicker, and microorganisms can be removed, but that the noticeable contamination present in the soap can not be removed.

However, WHO advises that the fluid comprising about 60-90% alcohol should be used on the palm of your hand for at least 20-30 seconds.

When you regularly wash your hands with soap and water, you are more apt to dry your hands, and with soap, you pull the fat out of our bodies as well. And it can produce eczema according to the skin. Therefore, that hydroalcoholic gels can work better in these people.

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