Do you enjoy the great outdoors? Or perhaps, more precisely, do you enjoy fishing?

There are many reasons to enjoy fishing. For one, it’s an incredibly relaxing pastime. Even if you don’t catch anything – sometimes the trip is the whole point of the activity. But when do you land a good catch and you’ve got a tasty dinner to bring home, even better.

So before you head out and buy fishing gear, have a read. In this article, let’s check out the angler’s handbook and learn ten useful tips to prepare you for your next fishing trip. 


Buy Bait

Fish won’t bite a plain old hook. You’re going to want to buy some mackerel lures or bait first. You can usually get bait at most fuel stations or convenience stores near the ocean. Or you may wish to purchase bait from a specialist bait store.

The type of bait will depend on what you’re fishing for. An excellent all-round option is pippies.


Pack Drinks and Snacks

You’ll want to stay hydrated and have a full belly on your trip. Avoid alcohol if you’re responsible for driving the boat, though.


Pack The Appropriate Gear

Are you going out on the ocean, or fishing on a lake, or freshwater stream, or off a pier? Know the environment you’re heading into a pack accordingly. You’ll need a completely different kit depending on where you’re fishing. 


Check The Weather

Keep a close eye on the weather as your big day approaches. You may want to raincheck if it storms or rains heavily. For example, you don’t want to head out to sea if there is a gigantic storm brewing.


Leave Early

The early bird gets the worm, or in this case, the fish. Fish are more active and biting in the early hours of the morning, so beat the sun up and get a good haul.


Or Leave Late

Fish are also highly active during the late evening, so you may wish to make a night of it and head out late. 


Do Your Research

If you’re after a specific type of fish, you need to know when they’re active and biting (which is something that a fish finder would help with). Some fish aren’t as common at certain times of year, or points of the day. Spend some time researching using websites like Live For Fishing and talking to your fishing buddies, and you’ll soon know your Marlin from your Snapper.


Know the Tides

The tides have a significant impact on all marine life, and therefore has a massive effect on your fishing. For example, the high tide may be an excellent time for a particular type of fish but a miserable time for others. Know your tides. There are plenty of online resources to help you track them.


Move Around

Don’t stay in one spot. If fish aren’t biting where you drop anchor, haul it up and move on. It may be a pain, but if you want to catch your dinner tonight and then some stay mobile.


Have Fun

The most important tip is to enjoy yourself. Fishing is a brilliant pastime to relax, unwind and enjoy time with friends. Don’t treat it super serious and enjoy yourself. And remember, if you don’t get any bites, there’s always another day. 



Hopefully, you have read through these tips and are feeling prepared for a fishing trip. Get some bait, pack some snacks, make sure you have appropriate equipment. Check the weather, and consider an early morning or late evening trip. Do your research, know the tides, don’t stay in one spot. And most importantly have fun. 


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