Electric bikes have evolved from a technological curiosity to a modern mode of mobility. These bikes are exceptionally powerful and versatile and can be used for many activities such as mountain biking, commuting, and even going trail and hunting. Electric hunting bikes benefit the sport by allowing hunters to efficiently cover a wide range of distances.

Electric bikes for hunting have grown in popularity, and the latest models, such as Himiway Cobra Pro, are cutting-edge and ruling on all terrain types. If the plethora of options confuses you, this article is for you. It aims to provide a reliable and authentic guide to locating your ideal bike.

What is an Electric Hunting Bike?

These are attractive and highly functional well-performing vehicles that are viable to enjoy the perks of electricity while trailing and hunting. Simple electric bikes are usually different from hunting e-bikes. Hunting electric bikes run smoothly and quietly so as not to scare animals. The noise-proof feature is essential to execute professional or high-level hunting successfully.

These bikes are thoughtfully designed while considering the geographical and atmospheric conditions around the mountain. It gives the best performance on the rocky and steep path making excellent experience for hunters and bike riders.

Benefits of an Electric Hunting Bike

Electric hunting bikes are specially designed to ride in off-road conditions. They are lightweight as compared to UTVs. Riding these bikes is much easier than manually maneuvering larger motorized equipment.

The electric bikes for hunting are compact, making them easier to cross narrow paths. You can also haul it in the back of the truck. However, they are compact but sturdy enough to let you load all the necessary gear for hunting.

How to Choose the Best Electric Bike for Hunting?

Hunters who want to get a hand on electric bikes should keep certain aspects of the bike in mind. For example, what is the specification and capacity of a vehicle, and if it lives up to your expectations?

  • Long Distances

Hunting demands traveling and trailing over a long distance. All hunting ranges are far-fetched. For this purpose, the electric hunting bike will help you long distances with maximum ease and minimum effort.

If you have the best electric hunting bike, such as the Himiway Cobra Pro, you can expect to cover 60 to 90 miles.

  • High Speed

The hunting vehicles should be efficient and fast. The speed brings out more accuracy and helps achieve the target faster. Moreover, the electric hunting bike gives you freedom of movement to travel long distances at an exceptional speed to match the prey’s pace.

  • Quiet Drive System

When the car’s motor is already making truck noise, how can you expect animals or birds to stay in their places? Therefore, you need a quiet bike that makes minimum noise. Hunting electric bikes with noise-cancelling features and a drive system are fascinating. The professional hunter will enjoy the ride.

  • All-Terrain Tires

These bikes are big and study to carry lots of loads. They feature fat tires making electric bikes more stable and self-containing. The disposition and shape of the bike are essential to consider for hunting. Regular bikes have smaller tires but should feature fat tires to conveniently run-on off-road conditions.

  • Carrying Capacity

It might seem an unnecessary point, but it’s worth considering. When you go on the trail, you require lots of equipment. Only all-terrain hunting bikes have the capacity to carry the load and run on rocky paths.

Best Electric Bike for Hunting – Himiway Cobra Pro

When it comes to the best electric bike for hunting, it is hard to beat the Himiway Cobra Pro. It is the best friend of outdoor enthusiasts. Sometimes, all fat tire bikes look pretty much alike, but Himiway Cobra Pro stands out with the four-linkage suspension, which ensures a smooth and quiet stop.

This bike has gained much attention over the last decade due to improved power and performance. To explore more about the bike, let’s explore its features.

  • All-terrain

The Cobra Pro features a 6061 aluminum frame with rugged aesthetics and exceptional-looking carbon fiber wrap. Along with a strong frame, it features fat and large tires, making it eligible to walk on the rough path without harmful stroke.

It features strong tires which provide exceptional balance on the rocky path. Cobra Pro allows you to add some air to the suspension according to preference and increase the smoothness of the ride.

  • Large Battery and Long Range

Nothing can beat the hunting bike with high capacity. Himiway Cobra Pro features a 48v 20 Ah LG battery neatly tucked into the bike’s downtube. This battery increases the range by around 60 miles. You can increase the range if you add some manpower by paddling.

The Cobra Pro is equipped with additional electronics to ease the process. It features an ungraded LCD screen with a considerable size making it easy to read details like speed, battery, etc.

  • Powerful Motor

This is a special hunting bike model which is built keeping off-road conditions in mind. It features a Bafang mid-drive motor with maximum 1000W output. Cobra Pro is ideal for running on rugged paths and provides strength in hunting and fishing. It has a maximum weight capacity of about 400 lbs, and the motor has 160 Nm torque, preventing motor strain under load.

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  • Fat Tires

It is an essential feature that provides adequate balance and strength to a vehicle. Cobra Pro features oversized 4.8 inches fat tires, which conveniently dominate the electric hunting bikes market. These tires provide extra grip in off-road conditions, and the addition of hydraulic brakes provides secure stopping power to ensure safety.


Electric bikes for hunting are an important vehicle for professional hunters, and there is no doubt the Himiway Cobra Pro is the best choice. It is equipped with all the essential features to make a bike stand out in off-road conditions. Another model, Cobra, also gave tough competition but upgraded and more battery power let the Cobra Pro Win the race. 

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