Ketogenic food sections are now everywhere in the supermarkets, departmental stores and online grocery stores. Foods like keto bars,  seeds, poultry and bakery products are in great demand. Still, just a label saying “keto” cannot testify to quality standards. As a customer, you need some awareness regarding quality factors when it comes to buying keto products. After all, this decision is directly associated with your health. Without even being a complete expert, you can figure out the most important quality factors. Let’s understand how!

Quality factors to consider when purchasing keto bars from Walmart

  • Always check the keto grocery list in Walmart: One of the common mistakes many people make is not preparing a list ahead of time. This is when they tend to purchase items that are either not needed or consist of ingredients that are not ideal. Keto is a low-carb diet comprising healthy fat and adequate protein to keep your body in shape. At Walmart, we suggest you check both the nutritional details and ingredients to ensure the products you think are a good choice truly adhere to your keto lifestyle.
  • Avoid high carb sugar: Sugar is a big no. Nevertheless, you can still find sweet foods thanks to sugar alternatives, some of them even suitable for those living with diabetes. For instance, keto products containing stevia extract will be 100-300 times sweeter than conventional sugar but without calories or carbohydrates. A large number of brands claim to provide the best keto bars that are sugar-free but their actual ingredients may be disappointing. As a matter of fact, your body will face adverse consequences. It’s important to make sure you get your hands on keto bars that are actually sugar-free, but to avoid the negative side effects associated with some sugar alternatives, we recommend avoiding sugar alcohols like erythritol and maltitol.

Types of keto diets

While planning to follow a ketogenic diet plan strictly, never forget to figure out the most feasible eating plan for you specifically. On the basis of nutritional values, we can classify keto diets into four categories including:-

  • Standard keto diet
  • Cyclical keto diet
  • High protein keto diet
  • Targeted keto diet

A fitness coach, nutritionist or family doctor can guide you with the most suitable diet plan as per the requirement of your body. Also, you can consider scheduling a consultation session with the nutritionist available at your local grocery store if there is one available.

Foods to avoid while on a keto diet plan

Not every healthy-looking food is actually keto-friendly. On the basis of average carbohydrate intake, we are making a list of foods to avoid when you are strictly following a keto diet plan:-

  • Flavoured yogurts
  • Chips
  • Grains
  • Vegetables containing high starch levels
  • Syrups
  • Packed juices

These are some of the essential considerations that you should take into account if you want to purchase keto food products. As you are now aware of the important quality aspects, you can be confident in making smart decisions the next time you visit Walmart.

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