”I need a massage.”

You may have uttered that sentence after a particularly difficult week at work or when dealing with chronic pain or the need to relieve stress. Massages serve many purposes. In the case of couples’ massages, they’re relaxing and romantic, whereas a sports massage can be more intense as your therapist works to smooth out muscle tension and injury. Overall, massage is extremely beneficial for your health. Whether it’s easing anxiety, fighting fatigue, or helping to cure medical ailments, you may want to consider massage therapy to help your body feel healthy, strong, and tension-free.

Once you’ve committed to massage therapy, you may be wondering how to find the best option for you. With many forms of massage, it may seem overwhelming to navigate at first. Put in some research to find the best massage therapist for you. Ask around to get recommendations for quality specialists. The other key to finding the best massage for you is through first understanding what you’re looking to get out of your experience.

Research Your Therapist

Massage can be an intimate treatment plan, so you need the best place for you to relax and heal. Choosing a massage therapist means asking the right questions. Check on their credentials, ask your friends for honest reviews, and attend the pre-massage consultation. Communication is a key ingredient between you and your therapist. This treatment is here to make you feel better, so be open with what you need. The best specialists will give you the best massage with rejuvenating, professional treatment. Do the research up front so you can enjoy a relaxing treatment that leaves you feeling rebalanced and well-aligned.

Know Why You’re There

When you’re looking for a massage treatment options, the first step is knowing what you’re there to treat. People get massages for many reasons, so why are you there? Knowing your purpose will help get you the best treatment.

Are you looking to relax?

Perhaps you’re getting a massage simply to relax and treat yourself to some rejuvenation. In that case, you may want to explore Swedish massage to start. This treatment is great for beginners as the therapist kneads and strokes your muscles simply to ease tension rather than applying intense pressure. Relaxing massages also come with hot stones and aromatherapy. These are the options to explore for a spa day or when you need a special treat.

Do you need to relieve stress?

Relaxation and stress relief go hand in hand. If you’re looking to use massage to relieve stress, you may want to explore a more extensive treatment plan. Perhaps more intense Shiatzu or deep-tissue massage can help you work out the anxiety you hold in your body. Also, when it comes to stress relief, you should consider setting up recurring appointments to keep your body aligned and healthy to allow for a healthier, less-stressed mind.

Do you have medical needs?

While stress is a medical condition you can treat with massage, other physical ailments may also benefit from effective treatment. Ask your doctor if massage therapy may be a good option to cure you.

One health condition that can be helped with massage is chronic tinnitus. This is a common disease of the ears which includes sounds such as buzzing, ringing, or humming to be present with no outside source. This can unfortunately lead to hearing loss. For tinnitus treatment, most patients turn to hearing aids or sound therapy or stress relief measures. Because the nervous system is so interconnected, massage therapy may limit the impact of tinnitus when your therapist focuses on the muscle groups that affect your hearing. Stress relief through massage can dampen tinnitus symptoms and help patients get back to their everyday life.

Do you play sports?

Massage can be especially helpful for athletes. If you’re fighting a recurring injury or need increased flexibility, explore sports massage. Specialists work specifically on your problem areas and can help you get back on the field in no time.


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