Cutting body fat and building muscle at the same time requires double the effort and discipline. However, this NO2 Max Review might make it simpler.

With age, even regular gymming and clean eating cease to provide the desired results on your body. And considering the body’s tendency to lose 8% of muscle mass and the lack of testosterone after hitting 30, muscle gain becomes an unachievable dream.

That’s when many older adults turn to growth hormone pills and nitric oxide supplements for increased blood flow and oxygen circulation. This, in turn, results in faster fat loss, extreme energy boost, and more muscle gain.

But I wasn’t the one to believe in such pills until I came across NO2 Max, a natural nitric oxide booster. I tried it for a few months and finally decided to share my experience through this extensive NO2 Max Review.

My Experience

Being a lanky guy since my teens, I have always struggled with muscle growth.

No matter what I ate or lifted at the gym, I could never gain muscle mass like my peers. And honestly, that took a toll on my confidence.

Fortunately, owing to my active lifestyle and healthy eating habits, I managed to shed some body fat and gain lean muscle during my 20s. However, the euphoria ended when I turned 35. This time it was worse because, unlike my teenage years, I began to gain weight, especially in my belly.

That’s when my sister suggested NO2 Max, a diet supplement that claims to boost nitric oxide production and protein synthesis.

Now, like any wise adult, I didn’t believe the lofty claims of this so-called “wonder” pill. I had accepted the fact that I would no longer be able to get fit and relive my youth.

However, when I overheard some of my gym buddies singing praises about this pre-workout supplement, my curiosity got the best of me. I began reading customer reviews and dug up on all the ingredients used in the pill.

Finally, I decided to try it myself for a better understanding of how it worked, and to my surprise, I started seeing positive results within the first three weeks. Of course, I coupled this supplement with a suitable diet and some exercise, and before I realized it, my body looked more ripped, and I felt more energetic.

What’s more, I couldn’t help but share my experience with everyone else through this NO2 Max review. So, let’s dive in…

What Is NO2 Max?

NO2 Max is a powerful and safe supplement that targets your body’s natural nitric oxide levels. Scientifically formulated and manufactured by Crazy Bulk, this pill acts like a little pick-me-up for those struggling with low strength and energy levels. As a result, you are able to perform better at the gym and experience desirable muscle growth and fat loss.

For starters, nitric oxide increases blood flow and oxygen levels and widens the blood vessels. However, NO2 Max does not contain nitric oxide. Instead, it is jam-packed with ingredients that transform into nitric oxide inside the human body.

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How Does NO2 Max Improve Blood Flow?

  1. Widens Blood Vessels

NO2 Max is a vasodilator, a supplement that relaxes and dilates the blood vessels. Consequently, more blood will flow through the blood vessels, lowering the blood pressure. This decreases the chances of suffering from heart and kidney diseases.

Hence, NO2 Max contains L-arginine, an amino acid said to increase nitric oxide levels. Consequently, you will have more blood and oxygen in your system, which will then absorb more nutrients, especially while working out.

While the consumption of this compound may not directly relate to better athletic performance, it does improve blood sugar levels, prevent diabetes, and enhance sexual health. All of these factors play a crucial role in determining the overall health condition of an adult.

  1. Aids Fat Burning

More oxygen supply directly results in faster metabolism. This means that your system can effectively convert the excess body fat into energy, which acts as the building block for muscle gain. So, even when you lose weight by taking NO2 Max, rest assured that you will retain the muscles required for achieving that ripped, summer bod!

Moreover, thanks to the L-arginine present in this natural supplement, your body curbs fatty tissue production, which results in reducing belly fat and cardiovascular diseases in the long run. However, keep in mind that this active ingredient may not result in immediate fat burning, and you will have to consume supplements regularly to maintain your weight.

  1. Improves Heart And Muscle Contraction

By boosting nitric oxide, NO2 Max reduces your heart contractions. However, even with lesser frequency, your heart beats more efficiently, thus, amplifying the flow of blood and oxygen throughout the body.

Besides L-arginine, another key ingredient in the supplement is dicalcium phosphate. We’ve grown up with parents forcing us to chug a glass of milk as it provides calcium for stronger bones and healthy teeth. But even as adults, calcium is essential for improving muscle function.

Calcium ions generate electrical charges in the heart and throughout the body, and improves muscle contraction. It further protects muscle tissues from any damage.

  1. Increases Energy And Endurance

The key ingredients in NO2 Max are known to increase oxygen circulation in the exercising muscle and decreases muscle soreness. Thus, you are able to perform better at the gym and take advantage of a faster recovery rate.

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Benefits Of Choosing NO2 Max

  1. Safe And Natural Supplement

All of the ingredients in NO2 Max are derived from natural sources only, giving it an edge over anabolic steroids. Also, all ingredients are legal, so you can feel free to use the pills even while preparing for a competition.

Overall, the chances of causing any side effects are close to none, making it suitable for almost all age groups for improving blood flow, stamina, and recovery time.

  1. Massive Pumps

According to Crazy Bulk, NO2 Max provides “dynamite workouts and electrifying pumps” by increasing the nitric oxide levels in your body. So, if bodybuilding is your passion, this product is a must-have!

  1. Faster Recovery Time

All that nitric oxide, calcium, and phosphate boost make your muscle tissues stronger and less prone to damage. With this newfound endurance, you will be able to exercise better and for longer without getting tired. So, bid farewell to fatigue and say “hello” to a ripped and shredded body!

  1. No Prescription Required

Since NO2 Max is an over-the-counter pill, you do not need any medical prescription to get your hands on it. However, all of the information available here or on any other site is not even remotely a substitute for a proper medical diagnosis. So, I strongly recommend you consult your doctor or dietician before consuming this nitric oxide boosting supplement.

  1. Free Worldwide Shipping

Now, who doesn’t love free shipping? I certainly do, especially if the product itself is quite expensive. You can even head over to the official website to check if your country is eligible for free shipping and the estimated delivery time.

Moreover, returning the product is no issue at all. If you are unsatisfied, simply return any unopened items within two weeks of purchase.

NO2 Max Ingredients

This natural nitric oxide booster by Crazy Bulk contains a powerful concoction of scientifically proven ingredients that result in dilated blood vessels, which improve blood circulation. With more blood flow, your core function develops drastically, resulting in a well-maintained and healthy body.

Let’s take a look at some of the key ingredients in NO2 Max below:

  1. L-Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate (1800 mg)

This amino acid is one of the MVPs in this formula! It boosts nitric oxide and protein levels, contributing to muscle building.

Besides simply increasing nitric oxide production, L-Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate makes your body capable of generating more nitric oxide by itself. The amino acid also aids protein synthesis and nitrogen retention by repairing muscles and regenerating tissues, giving this product an edge over other bodybuilding supplements.

However, I noticed that the effect of NO2 Max was amplified as I included more protein into my diet. So, I suggest following a proper nutrition plan, including more eggs, chicken, dairy, nuts, broccoli, etc., while taking these pills.

  1. Dicalcium Phosphate (80 mg)

As mentioned earlier, dicalcium phosphate aids muscle growth and improves muscle function. You’ll feel stronger and remain more active during a workout session, thus, making more progress.

You can even check out brain boosters like Neuriva to gain more concentration and stay motivated during intense exercises.

Moreover, calcium protects your muscles and tissues from damage while you lift heavy weights or indulge in any other intense exercises. Thus, your recovery time will be much faster, allowing you to keep going.

No wonder both calcium and phosphate are the active ingredients in most bodybuilding supplements.

  1. Stearic Acid

This additive boosts the positive effects of NO2 Max in your body. It effectively delays the breakdown of other ingredients in the tablet so that it reaches the right parts of your internal system.

Additionally, it is used as a binder in tablets, capsules, soaps, and more, improving the consistency of medication.

  1. Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose

This ingredient controls the rate at which the supplement affects the body. Further, it acts as a binder or thickening agent in the pharmaceutical industry.

  1. Microcrystalline Cellulose

Here’s another additive that’s mainly used as a binder in NO2 Max. However, the substance is known to have positive effects on the gut and accumulated fats.

  1. Triacetin

This pharmaceutical excipient is used as a solvent and ensures the effectiveness of the NO2 Max premium nitric oxide booster. Like other ingredients in this potent blend, it is non-toxic and scientifically proven to be safe for daily consumption.

  1. Crospovidone

Similar to the function of Bioperine in weight loss supplements like Modere Trim, this additive encourages better absorption of the rest of the ingredients. However, since this pill is consumed orally, there are no active benefits of the ingredient.

  1. Propylene Glycol

Propylene Glycol is the final coating that preserves the pill for longer shelf life.

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NO2 Max Side Effects

Since the ingredients of NO2 Max result in the natural increase of nitric oxide and oxygen in the body, chances of experiencing adverse effects are quite unlikely. However, like any other supplement on the market, it is best to take NO2 Max after consulting a medical professional.

Some side effects caused by most nitric oxide supplements are low blood pressure, breathing difficulties, nausea, diarrhea, stomachache, rashes, and more. If you happen to experience these, try changing your routine. For instance, if you’ve been taking the pills on an empty stomach, you might want to pop one after a meal to check if the discomfort persists.

But note that the supplement is most effective when taken on an empty stomach.

Lastly, I would not recommend these pills or any other diet supplement to those suffering from serious medical conditions. Also, you must check if you are allergic to any of the ingredients (especially sulfur dioxide) mentioned above before consumption.

NO2 Max Pricing And Where To Buy It

Honestly, NO2 Max is rather expensive, but I appreciate that Crazy Bulk offers bulk deals that allow you to save more.

One bottle of NO2 Max, containing 60 tablets (one-month supply), retails at $59.95. However, if you buy two bottles, you’ll have to pay just $119.90 and get a free bottle. Additionally, you can take advantage of the free worldwide shipping offer.

I would also like to advise you to steer clear of third-party shopping sites and only buy from Crazy Bulk for the best deals.

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  1. How To Use NO2 Max?

With 60 tablets in a single bottle, you are recommended to consume two pills a day for the best results. I try popping these pills with water about half an hour before my workout session.

You can replace water with fruit juice or any other beverage. However, I believe water is the best solvent for ingesting capsules.

  1. Is NO2 Max Safe?

Absolutely! As I’ve already discussed above, all of the ingredients in this pill are safe and scientifically backed. Just make sure that you consume no more than the required dosage, and you’ll be good to go.

  1. When Can I See The Results?

The recommended workout period for NO2 Max is two months. But note that these pills should be accompanied by a suitable protein-rich diet and regular exercise. After all, they are called “supplements” and not a “magic spell” for a reason!

Conclusion: Does It Really Work?

According to my experience, NO2 Max, despite being expensive, offers quite the bang for your buck. It is a safe and reliable formula targeted at those who want to build more muscle and burn fat. So, bodybuilders, athletes, trainers, and fitness enthusiasts can significantly benefit from this product.

With essential amino acids and naturally sourced additives, NO2 Max ensures no major side effects. Thus, I was quickly convinced to try it out and do not regret my decision to date.

That said, I’ll be closing this extensive guide now. I hope this NO2 Max review helped you gain more insight into its health benefits and compare it with other supplements.

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