Choosing the right pillow for your child is just as important as choosing the right mattress. Sadly in many cases, parents think about all the other issues of bedtime yet neglect this vital point.

So What’s So Important About A Child’s Pillow?

Babies should not have a pillow because it poses a risk of suffocation. Most toddlers do not need a pillow either and when a child moves into his or her bed, it is usually better to let them sleep without a pillow because in their early stages they are perfectly comfortable without it and it is safer for them to do so.

However, once a child reaches two or three years old, things can change. You may notice that your child tries to make a pillow, such as sleeping on a soft toy or a rolled-up blanket. They may also complain of aches and pains in the morning. When this happens your child needs a pillow.

It is important not to use an adult pillow for your child’s bed. Not only will it be too big for a toddler and will cause backache and neck ache. It may also be stuffed with eco-friendly materials such as buckwheat that could be dangerous if the pillow were to tear and leak.

A memory foam kid’s pillow offers a much safer and more comfortable alternative.

So What Is So Special About A Memory Foam Kid’s Pillow?

A memory foam kid’s pillow is ideal for kids of all ages. It provides the perfect support and is neither too hard nor too fluffy and soft. A pillow needs to support the neck comfortably so if your child is lost in a soft downy pillow it may look cute but it will not help their physical wellbeing.

In addition, many children are sensitive to environmental allergens. So “natural “materials such as feathers, buckwheat, or other natural fillings can cause allergies. In addition, a pillow can be a home for dust mites which can cause a range of unpleasant reactions.

By contrast, a memory foam kid’s pillow is extremely easy to keep clean. It does not collect dust mites and is ideal for any child with environmental sensitivity.

Pillows that are manufactured in accordance with Certipur-US certification are certified for safety, durability, performance, emissions, and content. This means that the memory foam and fabrics are rigorously and independently tested to comply with safety standards for children’s products. When you are considering buying a child’s pillow, always check that it comes with this certification of safety.

The right size is important too. Because children grow so rapidly, an adjustable bed pillow for kids is the best option. Not only can you ensure that the pillow is the perfect size for your child now, but he or she can also keep the same pillow as they grow.

Memory foam pillows for kids are contoured with removable layers that can be added or taken away depending on need. This means that you don’t need to replace the pillow once your child has outgrown it.

Cooling pillows for kids are also a great option. Many children run at a generally high temperature compared with adults and feeling too hot in bed is a common issue that keeps children awake. Research has shown that you don’t need to cool down the whole body to reduce body temperature. This can be achieved by simply cooling down the head. Cooling pillows for kids will make your children achieve the correct temperature for sleep so they will nod off far more easily and quickly than would otherwise be possible.

Why is body temperature so important for sleep?

Our bodies have been formed by evolution and to fall asleep our body temperature needs to drop. The sleep cycle is controlled by circadian rhythms based on the night/day cycle of the sun so we need a darker environment and cooler ambient temperature to fall asleep.

A cooling pillow will safely reduce the child’s body temperature slightly so that he or she is in the correct physical mode for sleeping. In general, the body starts winding down in preparation for sleep a couple of hours before bedtime so making sure your child does not get too hot before bedtime and sleeps on a cooling pillow is an easy way to promote a good night’s sleep.

A Memory Foam Kid’s Pillow Is An Easy Way To Ensure That Your Child Gets A Good Night’s Sleep

A memory foam kid’s pillow offers a range of capabilities. It is not only safe, firm, and comfortable; it can be adjusted as your child grows. Cooling pillows for kids are fantastic for helping your child sleep because it is instantly comfortable and keeps your child at the optimum temperature for sleep. Last but not least memory foam kid’s pillows are extremely easy to keep clean so are less likely to provoke allergies and sensitivities than other materials.

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