Everyone has a preference when it comes to their jewelry. Some people prefer the low-key look and stick to only one or two pieces they always wear. Others enjoy wearing multiple pieces. Of course, the type of metal is also important. If you don’t have a specific preference, you might want to give silver a try. Wearing silver jewelry offers surprising health benefits.

History Use of Silver for Health Benefit

Silver is a type of metal that has a long history of being used for health benefits. It can be dated back to Ancient Greece and Roman times. Back in those eras, silver was used to fight against bacteria. It was used in drinking vessels and utensils. Water, food and wine were stored in silver to preserve it and prevent the growth of bacteria.

Fast-forward to the 1800s in the Western world. Scientists discovered that silver was highly useful at fighting off germs. As a result of this finding, silver was then compounded and used in medications. Later, by 1940, there were four compounds of silver being used on the market to treat a variety of diseases. Those medications were available in different forms as well: oral, topical and injectable.

Science and Myths Behind Silver

While it might sound surprising or invoke skeptical feelings in some people, there is a lot of science behind silver. Still, silver has a scientific basis for having numerous health benefits. In all, this comes from silver’s ability to conduct electricity and heat.

When ions from silver are positively charged, the conductive field that results can direct the radiation away from the body. In turn, this can improve blood circulation, regulate body temperature and ensure better health as a whole.

Those ions can also connect with negatively charged oxygen receptors in bacteria. As a result, silver can fight against infections and diseases.Of course, it’s easy to think these benefits are nothing but myths. However, researchers from the University of Southampton conducted an experiment that proved that wearing a particular silver ring could benefit individuals with arthritis by relieving symptoms.

The study determined that wearing splints made with silver is good for relieving pain and hyperextension of the finger joints in people with rheumatoid arthritis. Jewelry made of silver has also been proven to relieve inflammation of the joints and improve range of motion.

Health Benefits of Wearing Silver Jewelry

Wearing jewelry made of silver carries a number of health benefits. They include the following:

  • Prevents electromagnetic radiation from entering the body: Silver can prevent harmful electromagnetic radiation from entering the body. This is due to the positively charged ions it contains that can create a conductive field and behave as a shield.
  • Can fight bacteria: Wearing jewelry made of silver can help fight bacteria. The positive ions in silver can help prevent colds, the flu and bacterial infections.
  • Can help with anxiety: Silver trinkets can be worn to ease the symptoms of anxiety. For instance, there are certain types of rings known as spinner rings. These items have an outer spinner ring over an inner ring that can help ease anxiety when the wearer spins it.
  • Can help with arthritis: Silver can ease pain, inflammation and hyperextension of the fingers, common symptoms of arthritis.

You can find the right pieces of silver jewelry to fit your needs and preferences. Silver is always a great metal of choice as it carries these benefits and looks great.

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