To have a happy, productive life, one may need to change the habits. There are certain things that we do in our lives that cost us happiness. Over time, these practices create a deep hole in us, and we feel like there is more to life than we are getting.

This article will share some habits that you could consider to make your life happier and more fulfilled. Hopefully, as time goes by, you will accomplish more and get to live the life of your dreams.

  1. Get in touch with an old friend

Sometimes it is easy to get too busy to call the people we love. While this can be excused by the busy lives we lead as adults, there is always room for things that are essential. What is more important than being with the people we love? Stop overthinking or procrastinating; pick up the phone and call them. You might be amazed and thrilled to hear from you.

  1. Wear your favorite color and chew some gum

Color psychology agrees that colors play a huge role in keeping you happy. You might have already noted that you tend to wear some of your favorite colors when you are happy and when you receive good news. If you choose to wear depressing colors, you will feel stressed and depressed all day long. However, researchers suggest that certain colors such as red and blue inspire creativity and help you perform your tasks better. Chewing gum is also a stress-relieving mechanism that most people underestimate. Even at work, calm gummies can help you make better decisions and stay calm.

  1. Take that mid-day nap

Researchers have shown that an excellent sleeping routine has more benefits than simply making you feel rested. Getting quality sleep every day allows you to improve your concentration, energy levers, mood, and memory. It is also a great way to help you increase your lifespan, allow you to control your weight, and boost immunity.

With your busy work and family schedule, it may be difficult to fit eight hours of sleep every night for the rest of your life. Research published in the Journal of sleep found that children who did not take naps were unhappy. They also found that the benefits of a mid-day snooze may extend to everyone, regardless of their age.

  1. Eat Omega- 3 rich foods like nuts and fish

These are vital nutrients for your body. According to researchers, omega 3 nutrients help to significantly improve neural performance. These supplements are filled with eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) – a type of omega 3 fatty acids that act fast and efficiently.

EPA is found mainly in fish. If you are a vegetarian, algae supplements have high omega 3 fats and can be great alternatives. In addition to omega 3s, nuts are also full of melatonin and polyphenols which work together to boost your moods.


After a long day, you need a coping mechanism so the stress does not get to you. These methods will keep you calm and help you come up with solutions to any issues you may be dealing with.

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