Cannabidiol or CBD is a known compound of cannabis that shows promise against various health issues like chronic pain, autoimmune diseases, and depression. Yet, today, some people are still firm in their belief that CBD is nothing different from illegal marijuana, claiming that it brings the same effects and shouldn’t be available for general consumption.

But is it true that you can get high from it? Can you get addicted? Would you be arrested? We developed this guide to provide the facts on different myths surrounding CBD. 

1. It Makes You High

It’s easy to believe that CBD produces psychoactive effects like marijuana. Yes, the compound comes from cannabis, but mainly and legally extracted from hemp, a cannabis variant that contains little tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). 

THC is the chemical that makes users high, and marijuana has substantial amounts. Meanwhile, since hemp contains small amounts of THC, it doesn’t make anyone high, especially its contents, like CBD.

This is one of the significant differences between hemp and marijuana

2. It’s Addictive

A recent study confirmed that CBD doesn’t exhibit any effect that indicates any abuse or dependence on the compound. There’s also no evidence of any health problems with using pure CBD. 

Meanwhile, CBD is known to help treat addiction. For instance, CBD cigarettes are a healthier alternative for those trying to quit tobacco since they don’t contain all the toxic chemicals, especially nicotine, the addictive part of a cigarette. 

3. It’s Illegal To Use

Unlike marijuana, hemp and CBD are legal in the United States. 

Through a federal law called the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018, farming industrial hemp is allowed, but it strictly requires products to contain less than 0.3 percent of THC. If the hemp exceeds that number, it will be considered marijuana and a violation of the law. Additionally, the law requires manufacturers to extract CBD only from hemp and not marijuana. 

So CBD products are legal to use as long as they contain the allowed amount of THC. In fact, CBD is commercially available in different forms, from topical products to ingestible. However, the rules might differ from state to state, so know the specific law in your area before using a CBD product. 

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4. It Has No Side Effects 

Side effects rarely show up for every use of CBD. Some commonly experience a change of appetite, fatigue, and diarrhea, but they don’t happen often. 

However, one thing that you need to look out for is CBD’s interactions with your medication. Taking CBD products while on medication might affect how your body dissolves certain medicines and impact their therapeutic effects. 

So, before using CBD, consult with a medical professional first to know how your medication could potentially react with the compound. 

5. It’s Just a Scam

It might surprise you that your body has natural receptors for cannabinoids or compounds found in cannabis plants. This means CBD will still affect your body no matter what, although it may differ from person to person. 

CBD works depending on the state of a person’s health, genetics, and how their endocannabinoid system interacts with it. The compound helps with various health problems, such as inflammation, anxiety, and insomnia, when activated. 

CBD Is Helpful, That’s a Fact

Unfortunately, CBD is a beneficial compound that continues to earn negative opinions because of its relation to cannabis. But, while the studies on CBD continue, it’s safe to say that its effects are far from its notorious relatives, marijuana and THC, with health impacts mainly viewed as pros rather than cons. 

If you’re still unsure about using CBD, always ask the professionals about the truth, and don’t let any misconception distort your mind. This guide provided a glimpse of how CBD could benefit you, but there’s more for you to find out. 

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