There are many ways to take CBD. Different delivery methods include edibles, vaping, capsules, drinks, and even CBD suppositories. Each method comes with advantages and disadvantages, making it ideal for different situations.


CBD oil and tinctures are both delivered the same way — via sublingual application — but the substances are not the same. There are advantages to CBD tinctures that can’t be found in CBD oil.


How tinctures are made


A tincture is any herbal concoction preserved in alcohol. There are many ways to go about making CBD tinctures, and if you have access to some hemp, it’s not hard to make your own.


First, you need to decarboxylate the hemp, then place it in a jar with alcohol. You can let the mixture sit for weeks, or even months, depending on how concentrated you want your tincture to be. Shake the jar once a day to help infuse the alcohol with CBD and the other cannabinoids found in the hemp.


Industrial production methods of tinctures are a bit more complicated. Solvents or supercritical CO2 may be used to separate the CBD from the hemp. The final product usually still contains hemp biomass, but the separation helps producers ensure that each jar of the tincture has the exact amount of CBD that was promised in the label.


The benefits of CBD tinctures


1 – Synergy


Even though CBD and THC are the two most famous cannabinoids in the world right now, there are over one hundred different cannabinoids in cannabis and hemp. Many believe that the health benefits provided by CBD are improved by the interaction with the other cannabinoids in the plant, and tinctures give you access to those different cannabinoids.


CBD oil may also come with other cannabinoids. Look for “full-spectrum” CBD products if you want the ones that contain several different cannabinoids. However, edibles and CBD oil are often made using CBD isolates, which brings down production costs. CBD isolates are pure, crystalized CBD — meaning these products have no other cannabinoid, only CBD.


2 – Strong taste


As you can imagine, the presence of hemp biomass means that tinctures have a strong, distinct taste to them. And while that taste is unpleasant for some, others absolutely adore it. If you love that strong taste, tinctures are the right product for you. They can also be used in edible recipes, allowing you to infuse gummies, chocolate, brownies, and even your morning coffee with CBD and its associated flavor.


3 – Longer shelf time


As we explained, the process of making CBD tinctures involves suspending hemp biomass in alcohol. One of the side effects of that process is that it sterilizes the hemp, giving the mixture an incredibly long shelf life.


While CBD oil usually lasts only six months after being open, and edibles may only last up to a month, CBD tinctures can stay stable on the shelf for several years. That makes the product attractive to anyone looking to save money by buying CBD in bulk. If you’d like to learn more about storing CBD, Cibdol’s discussion of the subject is worth a read.


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