If you’ve taken the time to get a good water filter from Sydney water filters or a similar reputable supplier then you may be wondering whether it is necessary to boil your water when preparing food.

After all, the water filter is very effective at removing chlorine and debris from your water. This is on top of the treatment it has had at the water plant.

Boiling water is easy, you simply need a container and a source of heat; this is why it is the preferred approach in survival situations. However, if you’re opting for survival it is important that you use a clean container. If you don’t you may simply be increasing the amount of debris and contaminants in the water.

Why Boil For Food preparation

The simple fact is that the majority of water filters do not actually remove viruses and bacteria. They do remove debris and chemicals but it is the bacteria that are most likely to make you ill.

While you can rely on the water treatment plant there have been several cases in recent years where bacteria have entered the water supply after it has left the treatment plant.

Bacteria that are commonly present in water include:

  • Coli
  • Campylobacter
  • Hepatitis
  • Legionella

And more… None of these are bacteria you want in your body.

Boiling is the best way of killing these bacteria but you will need to boil your water for at least 1 minute before you use it to prepare your food.

Of course you may also prefer to let the water cool to ensure you don’t burn yourself; the bacteria cannot return.

How Bacteria Can Make A Difference Even When Washing Vegetables

You may think that because you are only washing vegetables there shouldn’t be an issue with what bacteria is in the water. After all, you’re just using it to rinse the dirt off.

The problem is that it’s not just dirt you need to remove. You also need to remove and chemicals such as pesticides or fertilizers. To do this you’ll need to scrub the vegetables. This breaks the skin and allows the bacteria in the water to penetrate into the middle of the vegetables.

If you are thoroughly cooking your food this may not be an issue. But, if the vegetables or other foods that you have washed, are going to be eaten raw then you are likely to consume the bacteria. It can then start to attack your body.

This is why it is essential to boil your water before you use it for food preparation. This is in addition to using a good water filter. There are still too many illnesses and deaths associated with poor quality water. You have the means to avoid this issue and should take the necessary steps.

Don’t forget that ice cubes and even refilling bottles of water should all be done with water that has been boiled first. It may take a little longer but it’s your health that matters.

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